Essays on Human Populations

Community Service Reflective Narrative

To start, community service is a good way to meet new people and is very fun to do. In the beginning of ninth grade, that is when I began. My parents had urged me to start all summer, but I put it off. I thought it was something not needed and not worth my time....
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Sociology Of A Community

In theory and practice, the community stimulates the sense of self-sameness and belonging through shared attributes and commonality. To be precise, the community ought to be rooted in particular environments and locales for it to exist over time. In addition, there exist several real communities ranging from Facebook, portable, co-op, and trailer park. In this...
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Origins And Features Of The Modern Nation-state

The origins of the modern nation-state can be found in Europe during and after the period of absolutist monarchies. In 1500, there were about 150 independent political entities in Europe: by 1900, there were 25. Gianfranco Poggí (1990, p. 19) has defined the modem nation-state as: An organization or set of organizations … [where] political...
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Issues Of Overpopulation And Overconsumption Of Resources

Issues of Overpopulation and Over-consumption of Resources Abstract The world now has an unobstructed choice. We can decide to rebalance the utilization of resources to reframe our monetary qualities to genuinely reflect what our consumption implies for our planet and to help people the world over to settle on educated and free regenerative decisions. Or...
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Overpopulation In Beijing

Urbanisation is an inevitable process caused by rapid economic development and population growth. In the 21st century, many Asian countries, especially China and India, have been experiencing overcrowding in their major cities. Beijing, the capital city of China, has become one of the most populated cities in the world with unforeseen urbanisation issues, arising from...
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Community Needs Assessment Report

A socioeconomic needs assessment was conducted for the Residents of Tiger Bay to identify the strengths and weaknesses, resource availabilities and vulnerabilities within the community. The conduct of the assessment was premised on providing a framework for the proposal that will demonstrate the concept of Adaptive reuse for a section of the Cumingsburg ward. The...
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Nation, State And Nation State In India

The Definition of Nation The word nation has its etymological origin in French word nacion, Latin nation-em that mean breed, stock or race. Similarly, in Spanish to words like nacion and in Italian Nazione. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it means ‘a large community of people, so closely connected by common descent or men,...
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The Issue Of Ethnic And Nationalist Conflicts

The dissolution of the Soviet Union at the beginning of the 1990s is a key date for International Relations scholars as it led to the reconsideration of key concepts like sovereignty. The end of the Cold War did challenge some of the IR theories but did not eradicate past international challenges. Among these challenges is...
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History And Causes Of Overpopulation

History of overpopulation In this section of the paper I will be discussing how the population has increased from 500BC to the present day and how the rate of population growth has changed overtime. Furthermore, I will be discussing how changes in the total population and population density lead to detrimental historical events such as...
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Commenting On Modern Society

Contemporary Photographers often use different techniques and ideas to critique modern society. Photography can be used to capture a moment in time that can then be witnessed by all. Using it to critique society is interesting as it is a direct and mirror like way to showcase the perfect, stylised and imperfect perfect within our...
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