Human Resource Management: Theory And Company Analysis

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Human Resource Management involves carrying out work analyses, planning staff requirements, hiring the correct individuals for the business, visualising and teaching, controlling salaries and wages, offering advantages and rewards, assessing efficiency, resolving problems, and interacting for all staff throughout all levels (Human Resource management, 2019). The basic organisational objective is to take action which will aid to increase the efficiency of company by giving employee right atmosphere to work and maintain high employees retention rates. To better understand the importance of human resources Blackmores company has been selected.

In this project report, overview and HRM practice adopted by company is explained, motivation human resource management theory has been discussed and area analysis of respective company is elaborated.

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Blackmores is a leading natural health company of Australia that provide variety of high quality of vitamins, minerals, herbal and nutritional medical product and provides a large support in keeping community and environment (Blackmores, 2019). The company was founded in 1930 by Maurice Blackmore by opening first health supplement shop in Australia in Brisbane, Queensland. The current market capitalisation of Blackmores is $2 billion covering around 17 market across Asia Pacific region with almost 843 valuable employee working in producing best health product. The company have number of product range such as Arthritis, joint, bone and muscle, eye health, heart and circulation, stress relief, nails, hair and skin, infant nutrition etc.

PAW by Blackmores is an innovative range of natural pet healthcare products, developed by vets and inspired by nature.

There have been different HR practice implement within company which support in better functioning and achieving of desired goals. Such as:

  • Safe, Healthy And Happy Workplace: HR manager create safe, health and happy working atmosphere for employee due to which they put maximum effort.
  • Rewards: Worker are awarded with maximum rewards and prizes on the basis of their work capacity.

In Blackmores the Culture is depended on the heritage of individuals, commodity and, most crucially, enthusiasm (Arnaboldi, Lapsley and Steccolini, 2015). It is a culture constructed on and strengthened by its values, moulded into every character of company. Manager use to motivate employees, in order to provide and sustain a workplace that guarantees all workers’ health and security. Manager believe in a natural, comprehensive approach to health and directly help our workers to attain a feeling of personal excellently-being and a healthier lifestyle. Company have flexible diversity as they believe it have a positive influence on employee engagement. Manager use to determine and value the differences within skills of individual, experiences, perspective, attributes and style which help to complete work in desired manner.

Human Resource Management Theory

Managers of human resources undertake important tasks to support company activities. Their primary job is to motivate staff effectively to fulfil the economic objectives of a company while preserving its values. In context of Blackmores Maslow Hierarchy of need theory have been adopted by HR manager which help to encourage employee (Beer, Boselie and Brewster, 2015). The theory condenses need into five fundamental classifications. In this hierarchical structure, Maslow commanded these needs, starting with the basic psychological requirements and going to continue through security, belonging and love, esteem and self-actualization. These stages are elaborated underneath:

  • Physiological need: It involves the most fundamental survival needs for people like water, air and food. Maslow noted that if these criteria are not met, employee are not able to perform work well in any situation. So manager of respective firm use to provide these needs to all worker.
  • Safety and security: HR manager of Blackmores use to give essential safety and security needs which involves personal security, financial security, safety mesh against accidents, illnesses which can reduce the productivity of company (Smith, 2016).
  • Belongingness and love: This is related with love and belongingness, as an individual requires love and attention while working within company. Manager of respective firm use to treat each employee and worker in a pleasant manner without giving any work pressure so they do not feel nervous, social isolated.
  • Esteem: Esteem implies that others must value, respect and appreciate each individual. People need to feel admired, like being helpful and needed in the entire company. So human resource manager use to gives essential training to each employee to respect one another and coordinate in different situation which support to attain the desired objective.
  • Self Actualization: This need represents the willingness of an employee to develop and grow to its maximum potential (Kay and Alder, 2017). HR manager give equal chance and opportunity to each worker which makes them to put everything in order to accomplish challenging position.

Company analysis

In recent time with the growing need of world, Blackmores is focusing to provide best medical product and services for human being and pet animals. Manager have make different action plans as they believe that action are effective to describe the functioning and position of Blackmores in competitive world. Some of these are as follows:

How to live a sustainable life:

Management of company believe that human with a very few clear tweaks may be able to deliver large advantage to its health and environment they live. They have to follow basic step such as:

  • Reduce waste
  • Get energy smart
  • Shop mindfully
  • Eat locally

Fire up fitness level:

They believe that an individual must take its health and fitness training to next level which help them to reaming fit for longer period of time. They must follow these steps:

  • Set goals & monitor results
  • Eat for energy
  • Recovery & motivation
  • Interval training


In the conclusion of this report it has been stated that human resource manager have to play an important part within company by selecting most suitable and skilled worker on respective position. This result in maximising profitability for company as skilled employee take each work in appropriate manner and motivate other worker to complete the respective task.


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