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Bank Islami Pakistan

Human Resources Process: I visited Bank Islami Pakistan for my project visit. I asked the manager about the Human Resource process for their company. Following is the information I received from the Branch Manager and HR Area Coordinator of the Defence Housing Authority (DHA).

1.Personnel Planning:

The manager told that they plan for their own area which includes nine branches. For any branch 8 placements are a must to run a branch, they are 2 CSO, 1 CSE, 1 PBO, 2 BE or BDO sales, 1 BM. Out of them, CSE can be optional. They analyze all branches of their area and plan for where the employee is needed. If there is a need for some placement then they go for references and if they require a batch of employees they go for general advertisement.

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2.Job Analysis:

Job analysis is basically in terms of specific position what type of analysis you have made and what you making for any specific job. The moment analysis of any specific job. Then goes toward the job description. The job description is a person have to be on job that’s the proper description that what he/she will be on job on that bases usually make it some sought of analysis.

As it description, they go further specifications that what are limits, what are grounds that you have to work and what further extra work usually and they identify in the specification that actual your position and as well as work allocated to you people.

For example Cash Officer

Job Description:

One of the most critical resources in the Banks is the cash officers. If you want to work in any challenging environment and want to work that polish your skills and develop your multi-face skills then it is a good start as a cash officer, it is a good place to start. In a perfect world, you will have a superb client administration frame of mind and great verbal and composed relational abilities.

Job Specification of Cash Officer

  • Qualification: Bachelor’s degree (BBA)
  • Minimum experience: Fresh graduates
  • Age: Max 25 Years
  • CGPA: 3.0 CGPA

Recruitment Strategy

They are proper procedure and process of recruitment and selection when there is need any specific job and every specific department then they identify the people from the market and call them to shortlist for an interview 2 to 3 people finalize then move to hire that person accordingly offering them appointment letter and giving them offer. Recruitment agencies used by Bank Islami are, newspaper, internet, and official website. More often they use for advertisement.

Succession Planning: For succession planning, they use mostly newspaper advertisement and their official website.

Selection and Interviews

Selection criteria are divided into two sections.

  1. for sales post No written test but only interviews with ASM, RSM, NSM.
  2. Posts other than sales: Firstly interview is conducted also called an introductory interview then-candidate appears in the written test and then shortlisted candidates are called for final interviews.


The interview is key interviewing anywhere that person is that much outspoken, and he must be any same efficiency at works like that interview one of the biggest tools that you usually identify people his capabilities candidates. Different question is to be asked as per experience person. That he/she fresh graduated that interview is based on his/her education background, Family background, and then we manipulate the question as per person capabilities and experience.

Structured Interviews Questions

  • Introduce Your Self? Elaborate on your strengths and Weakness?
  • How to analyze the Conflict in the organization? Explain your point of view and answer with any shared experience of the organization?
  • What is Ethical Dilemma in Banks? Have you ever been faced an ethical dilemma?
  • What is your experience?
  • What are the Benefits Bank Islami can gain from your experience and expertise?
  • Have you studied our culture? What are the values of organizational culture?
  • What is your expectation from working hours at Bank Islami? What is your expectation of Flexible working hours?

Salary discussions: For new employees salaries are fixed and already set by Human Resources Managers in slabs. But while selecting a top management officer they usually negotiate with him/her by seeing his experience and existing post in the market.

Suitable Performance Appraisal

Performances Management that company use tools. These tools before HR actually bases on different segments it totally depends upon which company has more consultants. Performance bases on efficiency, of work Performance on the basis of attendance, on the basis of reporting angel, on the basis of overall whole year performance so that easily analysis like individual and think about to what term of bonus, promotion and so on as well increase the salary and move they’re prolonging their Contracts, promotions, and all these performances and they identify grid of them they worked on it and on 6 month or yearly bases and cope up improve themselves. Bank Islami normally appraisal is after 6 months. It consists of pure performance-based and target achievement. 


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