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There is humoristic a story “From One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter” written by Scaachi Koul. In this piece, the author tells us a story about her family, her personality and her fear of traveling by plane. This article was published by Anchor Canada in 2017. Sacaachi Koule is known as an Indo-Canadian journalist. She was born in Calgary, Alberta. She published several books and worked at BuzzFeed and Penguin House as a writer. Also, Koul is an alumna of the Ryerson School of Journalism.

This reading presents a story about the authors life with comedy injections. She uses self-enhancing and self-defeating humor mechanics. I like comedy methods Koul used in her piece, sometimes humor was offensive but effective. These humor injections brought more contrast and made a story more entertaining. Also, the writer uses satire, irony, and sarcasm in her article. “Mom talks about moving to Canada as though my father had requested she start wearing fun hats. Why not try it? she thought, instead of this fucking lunatic wants me to go to a country made of ice and casual racism.”—is a good example of satire (Koul). This sentence points out rough Canadian weather and the problem of racism in North America. Koul uses sarcasm to build up a joke on the negative judgment of objects or phenomena. Besides, satire can be described as a more rough and sharp form of sarcasm.

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At the beginning of the reading, the writer describes how she used to enjoy flying as a kid and started hating this process when she got older. Originally, her family came from India, but she was born in Calgary, Alberta. When she was a kid she used to enjoy flights because she was always with her parents and used to get candies and little ginger bottles from flight attendants. Another good example of self-defeating humor is “Before I take off now, I text or email or call anyone I think would be sad about my death and tell them I love them and that the code for my debit card is 3264 and please help yourself to the $6.75 that may or may not still be in there, depending on if I purchased a pre-flight chewy pizza-pretzel, the World’s Saddest Final Meal” (Koul). Self-deprecating humor can be characterized by laughing at a bad situation that joker got into. In the piece mentioned before, the author marks her fear of flying and her $6 bank account balance.

Humor is a good way to adapt to reality. As it has been discussed in weekly classes, a good way to quickly get used to a new company is to make a good joke. Also, I believe that humor can show the intellectual level of a person. Often those who are not very smart find it hard to understand sarcasm or irony. It is important to have self-irony, the ability to laugh at yourself and make yourself distant from the situation. The most primitive way to joke is to make fun of things such as skin color, ethnicity, or simply use the joke as any form of suppression. These types of jokes usually can be found in communities with a low level of intellect and education, such as prison for example. In addition, as I learned from weekly classes, a joke can be used to quickly attract a partner. It is a widely known fact that women like men with a sense of humor more. Furthermore, people with a good sense of humor can release pressure in tough situations and create a friendly spirit in the company.

Speaking about comedians, I believe that depressed people are the best ones. As it shown in the reading, author went through depressing moments in her life, but she turns it into a joke. Koul says: “None of the other girls I knew had visible veins, not like these. My parents didn’t have them, neither did my brother, nor any of my glamorous, tall, busty cousins with their long, sleek hair and full lips and did I mention their massive boobs? It was vein cancer, I decided—nothing else could explain the cerulean blue of these veins, how close they were to the surface, how they ran all the way up my arm and would appear and disappear across my flat chest.” This is a good example of how comedy releases tension and makes things look ‘not as bad’ by using a self-defeating of humor and irony. (Koul)

In conclusion, this article written by Scaachi Koul shows how humoristic injections can make reading more entertaining and attract more readers. Personally, I enjoy reading stories that can bring more fun and joy to me. I believe that sense of humor is very important aspect of our life. By improving our sense of humor we can become more sociable and make new connections. Communication skills and sense of humor are needed to feel the mood and feelings of others, the way they perceive the reality and personality. Furthermore, as I mentioned before in my essay self-irony is a great weapon against stress and depression. I think we should forget about embarrassment and sometimes let our problems become a joke. When are are able to make fun of ourselves, people around us feel more comfortable, which cannot be said if we begin to praise ourselves.


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