If You Don’t Amend Yourself, You May Extinct

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If You Don’t Amend Yourself, You May Extinct

Spencer, J 1998, Who Moved My Cheese, Vermilion, London.

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Genre: Realistic Fiction.

Analysis by Grisham Tiwari, The British College at Nepal.

‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ is a realistic fictional, narrating modern-day parable, which provides a path to deal with the difficult changes that are ensued throughout our work-life and real life. This book is a brilliant fund for students, educators and all the enthusiastic workers around the globe. Some of the editing errors and limitations in this edition will likely be improved next to later editions.

‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ is an incredible narrative that teaches about the ways to be implemented while working in life and also to live happily. It reveals the truth of life. In the book, there are respectively two small men, the mice, where all stories run around small men, cheese, and mice, which are four center-heads. These characters are proposed to be easy and difficult elements of ourselves, apart from of our age, sex, race or ethnic group. This book follows physical as well as emotional crossings of four heads – Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw – as they explore, locate, misplace and must revive their beloved food, cheese, in huge slanting confusion. I was completely engaged with this book and found to be very good and fascinating. The story inside teaches us more unwanted truths and enhances us to live our own life and never to stay on failure.

Spencer Johnson is one of the American physicians, and bestselling global authors whose scripts facilitate many individuals find out effortless beliefs they can operate to live healthier lives with more sensation and less strain. He has written various bestsellers, including this book, ONE MINUTE SERIES, a children’s book, and the gift favorites. Dr. Johnson was also a medical physician at Communications for Medtronic, the inventors of cardiac pacemakers. His writings have been featured in diverse Medias and are presented in forty-one languages spoken around the world.

‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ gives an account on the transformation that takes place in a Maze where four amusing heads look for ‘Cheese’, which is a simile for what we want to cover our years with, i.e. profession, relationship status, capital and so on so forth, whereas term ‘Maze’ signifies somewhere we spend the time that we have been searching for. So this book credits for people to improve their line of business, marriages and livelihood.

The assembly of this book pounds well with its association and let somebody have temporarily or permanently itself into the study of various time periods in ones’ livelihood. In the beginning, A Gathering, earlier colleagues talk at a get-together struggling to deal with the revolution being experienced in their lives. The second part is The Story of Who Moved My Cheese? which is the hub of the order. In this segment, the two mice do better when they meet with difficult changes as they keep things easy, whereas the two men’s intricate wits and human sentiment obscure things. According to the narration, what the four heads do, and grasp corresponds to our behaviors. And in the third sector, A Discussion, people chat about what The Story destined to them and how they will be applying those methods in maintaining their daily work-life and lifestyle.

Every once in a while a book comes along that opens a door to the future. As soon as I finished reading this, I found this book helps us deal with persistent changes we bear – from being on altering teams to the development of new markets. I can picture myself reading this astonishing content to my children and grandchildren in near future, with a warm lantern glowing, and making them understand and implement the lesson in real life. This book accounts to provides deeper insights into what happens in our lifestyles, in a day-to-day manner.


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