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My responsibility is to try to tell true stories. To me a true story is always hopeful, but never simply, uncomplicatedly happy (John Green). John Green is known for his realistic teen fiction. John Green was born on August 24, 1977 in Indianapolis, IN. Growing up, Green had a hard time with bullies and not being able to fit in which subsidized to his desire to get away. According to Famous Authors, after graduating at Kenyon College, he worked in Chicago as a chaplain at a children’s hospital (2012). Most of Green’s novels are young adult fictions based on what he has been through, so after seeing what the kids went through in the hospital, he was inspired to become an author and write about some of the experiences. This inspiration led to one of his most well known novels: The Fault in our Stars. He was able to capture the stories of different patients and incorporate them into his writings. Another one of Green’s most popular novels is Looking for Alaska which was influenced from his own high school life. One of the most influential writers of the twenty first century was John Green, and his works continue to have an impact on American culture today.

John Green was born on August 24, 1977, in Indianapolis, IN. According to Christine Poolos in her biography “John Green,” He grew up in a happy family thanks to his brother Hank and his parents, Mike and Sydney (2015). Mike was a nature conservancy while Sydney was a community organizer. Poolos also states that Greens says he was extremely fortunate because my parents loved and encouraged me, and my brother was empathetic and supportive (2015). Poolos says in John Green that quickly after he was born he moved to Michigan, Alabama, and finally to Orlando, Florida. Green described his life growing up in Florida as, a mix of transience and insularity inherent to most of suburban life (2015). He was a nerd growing up and far from popular. While suffering from anxiety and insecurity, it was more difficult to make friends. While also being very self-absorbed, he was bullied in school which led to him wanting to get away. Poolos also states in John Green that Green started to seek for something new and different, John moved away from home to board at the private Indian Springs School in Alabama. As this experience changed his life, John was able to be himself and make friends (2015). John Green says on his website John Green Books” that Indian Springs made his life possible and he was very grateful to everyone there (2016). According to Poolos in John Green, after his years spent at Indian Springs, Green attended Kenyon College in Gamber, Ohio where he could grow and find himself. She also writes about how during his college years, Green was described as a undistinguished student that was surrounded by many intelligent people, and Poolos also states that he was able to expand his realm of literature (2015). According to Kenyon News, when Green first went to Kenyon college, he had the intention of becoming a writer, but he graduated with a new intention of becoming a minister (2014). Famous Authors states in the end of his college years, Green earned graduation degrees in both English and Religious studies, and with his aim of becoming an Episcopal priest, after college, he worked as a student chaplain in a children’s hospital (2012). The Fault in Our Stars is based off his inspirations from the hospital and hearing about what the kids would go through. He captured all the stories and incorporated them into his writings. Famous Authors writes about how after he realized he was destined to become an author, he began his career working as a publishing assistant and production editor for Booklist, a book review journal in Chicago (2012). Over the course of writing each novel, Green married his wife, Sarah Green, in 2006 and their two kids, Henry and Alice, in 2010 and 2013. One of the most influential writers of the twenty first century is John Green, and his works continue to have an impact on American culture today.

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Over the course of his career, Green has written at least eight books which are well-known and have sparked an influence on today’s society. According to Christine Poolos in her biography John Green, John Green first grabbed the attention of young adults and school librarians with the publication of his first novel, Looking for Alaska, in 2005. In the coming years he would write four more at the rate of about one every two years (2015). With every book, he gained more awards and readers. While he loves to engage his audience, Thomson Malone says in the American Prospect that Green’s aim is to mainstream the concept of the examined life, and he specializes in being quotable (2014). Six of Green’s books are written by himself while the other two were written by himself and one other author. Lots of his novels are based on what he has been through in life including Looking For Alaska which was based off high school experience. The Fault in Our Stars is another example relating back to his life. He got his initial idea working in the children’s hospital, where he would spend time with patients. John Green’s website called John Green Books states Green is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns, The Fault in Our Stars, and Turtles All the Way Down (2016). John Green Books also says his books have been published in more than 55 languages and over 24 million copies are in print (John Green, 2016). With the takeoff of his first novel, Looking for Alaska, it is considered to be his best and led to the rest of his career.

One of Green’s most famous novels is Looking for Alaska. In 2005, the romance novel was published. Green even said, according Kenyon News in Ten Things… that his novel, could not have been written without the religion classes he took at Kenyon. He even based one of his teachers in the novel on his religious studies professor, Don Rogan (2014). In the novel, a high school boy from Florida, just like John Green, named Miles Halter decides to attend Culver Creek boarding school in Alabama. Miles is tired of his predictable and dule life and longs for a new experience. In the novel, Miles tells his parents he is going to“seek his Great Perhaps (John Green, 2005). When Miles meets Alaska Young, it only makes Culver Creek ten times more extraordinary. Miles sees Alaska as funny, smart, mesmerizing, and a number of other significant things. Alaska helps Miles discover his Great Perhaps he falls in love with her. Through all the adventures, Miles also had to go through the struggles of trying to be the person other people want you to be. According to Famous Authors, The unorthodox form and content of the novel had it earned the American Library Association’s Michael L. Printz Award in 2006 (2012). John Green Books also states the book made a record staying at New York Times best seller list for the span of 7 years” (John Green, 2016). Seven years later, Green published The Fault in Our Stars which also had a major influence on American culture.

Another famous book of Green’s is The Fault in Our Stars. In Christine Poolos “John Green” biography, Booklist quotes, “Green’s best and most ambitious novel to date. In its every aspect, The Fault in Our Stars is a triumph” (2015). Famous Authors states the highest grossing novel of 2012 was The Fault in Our Stars (2012). The novel portrays the life of teen Hazel Grace with terminal lung cancer, and Augustus Waters who has had cancer in the past. They both overcome obstacles and learn how to accept themselves. Hazel puts her parents first and constantly goes to cancer support groups which she hates. One day while Hazel was at a group meeting, she met the young, charming cancer survivor Augustus and was blown away by him. From then on, they found love while they helped each other physically and emotionally through some of the hardest times. Another quote from NPR in Christine Poolos John Green biography says Green writes books for young adults, but his voice is so compulsively readable that it defies categorization. The Fault in Our Stars proves that the hype surrounding Green is not overblown (2015). Poolos also writes in John Green that The Fault in Our Stars comfortably sits at number one on the New York Times Best Seller list of children’s chapter books (2012). The impact of John Green influences a wide range of ages all throughout America from his inspiring words.

John Green’s works continue to leave an impact to this day in society. For example a teen writes in John Green’s blog, I have depression and anxiety and for the longest time I was suicidal. But what gets me with this book is how the characters are strong in the battle and love each other endlessly. I have read this book millions of times and just want to say thank you for everything (John Green Books, 2016). Christine Poolos states Looking for Alaska is now taught in many high schools (John Green, 2015). Some of his novels are created into movies. According to John Green Books, in June 2014, the movie adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars was released and Paper Towns was released in the summer of 2015 (John Green, 2016). Thomson Malone says in the American Prospect, There’s something immersive about John Green’s universe– the books you can swallow in one gulp, more videos I could ever watch because the jump cuts make me a little nauseated, Internet forum upon forum, conference upon conference– that makes me wish we had gotten to go to that princess even (2014). The impact of John Green influences a wide range of ages all throughout America from his inspiring words.

As John Green’s works continue to impact American culture, he is considered one of the most influential writers of the twenty first century. Looking for Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars are his two most famous books and have made an impact over the globe. His works have made big impressions and inspirer a wide range of people. He has created a new direction in the young adult fiction world. His common writing theme of how to handle things intrigues people and makes them want to read more. Green has character connections making his novels relatable to the world. The famous author said, I know that books seem like the ultimate thing that’s made by one person, but that’s not true. Every reading of a book is a collaboration between the reader and the writer who are making the story up together. 


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