Importance Of Being Earnest: Book And Movie Comparison

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Reading literature often gives readers a chance to make their explanation of the content of a story where the readers can take the words and their judgments to make their understanding of what is happening. Each reader interprets the story in an altered manner having their viewpoint of what the story shows a resemblance to, but that is what seen to make the reading literature more pleasing where the readers are capable to make their necessary analysis of the stories. While watching a film or reading a play, the author/director is often responsible for painting the portrait to the audience. The viewers are only capable of seeing through the directors’ eyes and comprehend how he/she evaluates a story and the way he/she organizes the story. When literary work is remade/adopted into a movie, the directors often must make changes in areas where they must cut dialogue or update scenes to attract to the viewing audience. Although unique in their ways, both the written and film versions of this story are entertaining of whom and how one is interpreting them. Therefore, we focus greatly to explain the comparison between the movie and written play regarding how they each develop to affect the audience. Regarding the written and film versions of The Importance of Being Earnest, the differences in the setting/dialogue producing a clearer image of the story.

From the first start of the first scene, the viewer can notice slight changes from the written version in the presentation where the foundation is set in painting the reader’s views/images. Algernon in the first scene is being chased by a couple of men where later the men are seen to be debt collectors. This scene not included in the original script depicts a clear image of Algernon’s economic status. In the film, Oliver Parker incorporates additional locations of scenes. This is seen when Jack and Algernon run into each other at a club rather than Algernon’s home that was originally stated. Later when Jack and Lady Bracknell meet, Oliver Parker alters the scene to where the location of the questioning of Jack and his history is done at Lady Bracknell’s house (Wilde, Act I). The wonderful scenery from the film sidetrack from language and talking where they ensure arguments that can be seen to be extremely valued. The thing is elastic, adaptable, also including names, family relationships, values, social status, and affection. Later stated by Jack Worthing “I’ve now realized for the first time in my life that vital importance of being earnest” developing weight of the phrase and setting up a major difference amongst the play and Oliver Parker’s movie version (Wilde, Act III). This event indicates that unlike the film, people may at any moment alter the information to interpret it in their ways. The changes in scenery/settings help encompass the different to aspects that film overlooks. Film viewers rely on and analyze the director’s thoughts to understand the foundation set, the purpose of the use of these different locations correspond to understanding the director. The changes in the locations spread the content of the play apart helping to better the comprehension of the play.

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In summary, the film that concentrated on relations amongst characters requests the audience to empathize with the supporters by changing the setting and repeating an unexpected finish. The language of the written version stresses the sarcasm that Jack hasn’t acquired the valued attribute of trustworthiness instead certified the physical value of a label. The most important thing, however, is the comparison between the film and text is that although both pieces of literature are enjoyable and depending on whom and how one interprets the information the context can be shifted. Both can have a different interpretation from text unlike film, which depends on the director’s mind and artistic approach. 


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