Importance Of Networking For International Students

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Networking plays a very vital role in students’ lives. They understand how crucial it is for them and what all it is capable of when it comes to increasing the chances of landing their dream job. If you have an actual definition of networking in your mind, you are mistaken. It is a lot more than that. Also, it does not have to be an overwhelming task, but it’s effortless and most significantly, a great asset that will help you every step of the way.

Importance of Building Your Network as an International Student

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The majority of people out there have a perception that networking is all about creating a positive first impression on significant people to make connections. But this statement does not hold true. Networking is a process that helps you make acquaintances. It means getting to know not only people, but also their interests.

It’s a good and effective way to reach out to them if you have a great opportunity for them or find out if they can help you to further your career. So, you see it’s a win-win situation for both parties. Networking is about socializing with people.

Let’s find out why networking plays an imperative role for international students.

  1. Know Your Professors: Your professors, being highly qualified and experienced in their chosen field, are better connected than you possibly think. It pays to know your professors; thus, sitting in the front seats and greeting them graciously. Doing so will help you get noticed and let you build a rapport with them. Any good reference from your professor is going to work in your career.
  2. Start on Your Campus: Your school, college, or university is the best place to start as there are several other students like you sharing similar interests as that of yours. Participating in events like career fairs or workshops is the smartest move you can make for your career enhancement.
  3. Initiate a Conversation with Students in the Class: If the professor running late, it would help if you put your phone aside and initiate a conversation with students. Ask what their interests and career goals are. That way, you will make new friends since you all have common ground.
  4. It’s Good to Work for Your Student Newspaper: Maybe becoming a journalist is not your cup of tea, but being a good writer will let you reap benefits. When you opt to work for the school newspaper, you will get a chance to know students from other faculties.
  5. Volunteer to Work for Free: If you are looking to gain work experience, choosing to volunteer is the best way to do so. Volunteering also gives you an opportunity to meet people you otherwise would not engage with.

The word “networking” can be segregated into two categories: Social and Business. Both of them have their own significance and they are the most effective way for creating a support system for the development, which will make you emerge as a winner at the personal and professional front.


As an international student, it’s important that you sharpen your one of the most powerful tools that will help you build your career, i.e. networking. When you establish a network with faculty members, fellow students, and other professionals, it makes you embark on a journey leading to the job you have been yearning for. 


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