Important Figures: Comparison Of Martin Luther King Jr. And Barack Obama

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 Throughout the years, there have been many people that were born to be leaders, activists, supporters, scientists and influencers that have helped the world become a better place. They’re skill set, knowledge and determination is what made the world a better place and kept it growing. There are two main figures; Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama, that have changed and impacted the society as a whole, not only because of their race but because they were willing to make a change.

In history there was a man that wanted to cut the discrimination and wanted everyone to live in peace and it is none other than Martin Luther King Jr. He was one of the most prominent people of the 20th Century. King is the head of the present day civil rights movement and made an everlasting impact. In the past, King came from a background that was not considered okay at that time. There was hate, and many brutal name callings that he received, despite that he mustered the courage and led the black community to get their freedom. King was a strong believer in “knowledge is power”. He used his mind which created the path to where he would achieve his goal. His vision was to achieve his goal and that was to end segregation. The changes he made in society were a long and strenuous road but he was determined to give it his all. Since the time of the Civil War there was always a struggle for African Americans to be treated fairly. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech called “I Have A Dream”, and it is known till this very day. This speech was made on August 23, 1963 and it was addressing to end racism, and it was made to over 250,000 Americans. It shined a light to people and made them think of what is right, became an eye opener and made people realize that racism has got to end, and that African Americans deserve this justice and freedom. All in all, it became more than skin color and race. He helped us understand not to differentiate against people and that we are all brothers and sisters in a way. He was arrested many times, but he never gave up speaking confidently and this is why till this day and in the future his speeches and the man himself will be well known.

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African americans have carried out their duties till this day and are continuing to do so. Recently, we just had our first African American president and his name was Barack Obama. He was an amazing president. He came in with a plan and he wanted to execute it just as any other president did. One great example is the Obama Care Act. It’s simply a health care reform which intentionally helps Americans to enter affordable, valued health insurance. His race did not stop him from getting where he wanted. I would say that the election of Obama reflects a few ways that it was the pinnacle of the civil rights vision. This was illustrated by Martin Luther King in 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech. Can Black people be felt at home no matter the color of their skin or their background? He made it clear that even if some people did not appreciate the change he brought, at the end of the day he was a man that was from the African American race and wanting to make a difference. He was often thought as unfair, he just wants to help his people and got a lot of racial comments made towards him. Throughout his presidency, he continued to show excellency, prudency, proactiveness, and made his people proud that a man stood up and faced all the misconceptions.

In comparison to both Martin Luther King Jr. and former President Obama, Obama is a professional at accurately going around and solving a problem, but he never gave solutions in the right manner. With that said, it goes for his speech as well. He astronomically hit the target on about the problem that they were going through but offered no answers. If you are our president, we need step by step solutions and how it is all going to work. Martin Luther King Jr. gave solutions throughout his speeches as to this is what we will do and how we will do it. He marched for his people, protested and got arrested as well. Both are from different time periods and they have similarities yet their differences also.

In conclusion, many historical and present figures despite of race, came forth and tried to make a difference in the world. America is a land of freedom, and opportunity. There should be no hesitation, hate, or discrimination in this day and age. There have been many fights and conflicts throughout history but despite it all courageous African Americans led the people into becoming a peaceful nation and they will be forever known. This race had been struggling for their equal rights in this country and they stood together as a family.  


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