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In Cold Blood is a non-fiction book published in 1966 and wrote by Truman Capote, an american novelist and playwritter born in 1924 and deceased in 1984. Capote is also known for writing other important books and for having and extravagant lifestyle.

As for Capote’s life we can say that, he developed his love for literature at a very young age, this obsessive love for writing forced him to quit college because he believed that it was teaching him nothing, and it was taking away lots time he could otherwise use to write. After that, Capote began working at The New Yorker while in school for two years, this job, proved to be very beneficial for him, because he got a chance to learn about the inner workings of the magazine. At the early 40` he began being recognized. His first novel, Other Voices, Other Rooms was published in 1948, this one launched Capote’s career as a novelist after becoming an instant bestseller. Then he published A Tree of Night and Other Stories which came a year later. Capote’s first non-fiction work, The Muses are Heard (1956) was a collection of articles which included travel essays from his trip to Europe. And then his most known works, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and In Cold Blood came without notice anyone. Leaving behind a big amount of recognized works, Truman Capote passed away in Los Angeles on August 25, 1984.

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After making a summary of Capotes life, we are going to explain and analyse one of his masterpieces, In Cold Blood.

This one, investigates the brutal murder of a family living in Kansas while they were at home, the search for their killers, and the process of the trial. Capote followed the case day by day, analyse how the victims were, their personalities and way of living, and helped the police with the investigation until they found the perpetrators of that horrible crimes. So, we can define it as a mix between a detective story and a crime documentary.

The book it is written in the style of a novel, so you can get inside the heads of the victims, the detectives, and the townspeople, also it is a very descriptive novel thanks to the narrator you have the impression of being inside of it. First of all, he describes the town, Holcomb a little tiny town in Kansas, so you can locate the place where the events took place. Then he introduces us to the townspeople, their feelings and opinions about the victims so we can get a more accurate image about how was the family and try to understand why would they have such a tragic end. The Clutter’s were a very important family in this little town, respected and known by everyone, their neighbours could not understand why did they get murdered , because apparently there were no reasons to do such an awful thing. This is why after what happended no one trusted anybody even their friends or family because the killer was free and they were scared that he would attack again.

Finally, Dick Hickcock and Perry Smith appear, this ones will be the main characters of the story. By making a flashback in their lives, we are able to know their personalities and their evolution through time, making the reader more curious about how did they were and creating a link between the murderers and the reader. Which brings you to several feelings like anger, compassion, sadness for all that has happened in their life’s and the relationship between them until their destiny the final solution. Capote, leads us to think about the death penaly and if it is positive or negative for all the members that are involved in the story. Also, in this book we can see the American prejudices when it comes to justice.

At the end of the narration, we can see how Capote is tired of the investigation and the way he is involving himself, leading him to an obsession until the end of his days, he never wrote anything else, This investigation drove him to depression and he never got recovered.

In 1967, In Cold Blood was made a movie and the story became more real and famous.

Finally, we can say that In Cold Blood catch your attention from the very first paragraph, it is like if you were inside of the story, seeing everything that is happening, knowing every single character and making your own suppositions. Also, we think that this is a very good book if you like crime investigation and you are curious about how did they try to find the perpetrators at that time. So, we definitely recommend this book without any doubt.        


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