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Indian Education by Sherman Alexie is a short story about an Indian boy dealing with the troubles of bullying in a farm town school throughout the years, from not only other students, but teachers as well. It has reoccurring themes of bullying, discrimination, and racism and how he has dealt with these issues through the years. This story can be relatable to all kinds of people regardless of ethnicity. Anyone can experience bullying for different reasons or in different ways but it is something that can bring people together, bring awareness, and be able to rise above it.

This story is a narrative of an Indian boy who is explaining his experience of his 12 years in school, which is in a white town. In first grade he describes the time where a couple of bullies are tormenting him on the playground at recess, but then one day he decides to fight back. As one kid is throwing snowballs at him, a little warrior in him roared to life and knocked this bully to the ground and punched him (Alexie, 1993). This gives us insight to his toughness and his ability to overcome his obstacles. As the years go on, he begins to even have issues with teachers. These teachers seem to pick on him for no particular reason, and blaming his actions based on his race. “When I spelled all the words right, she crumpled up the paper and made me eat it” (Alexie, 1993). His teacher made him do this because he “needs to learn respect” (Alexie, 1993). Fourth, fifth and sixth grade is when he discovers his potential skills and wants to explore them. In his high school years he excels in his classes and is on his high school basketball team called the “Indians”. All throughout his years in school he was never recognized for his accomplishments or his skills but rather just known as being Indian. However, none of this seems to bother him. He preservers and learns to “always throw the first punch” (Alexie, 1993). He faces these issues with sarcasm and a way the most people couldn’t deal with these problems, which is why this story is important for everyone to read.

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Some people might not be as fortunate enough to deal with this issues like Victor, the narrator, does. Reading this story could help people look through a different lens and make these problems just a little bit easier to get through. With Victor being such a relatable character, it is easy to see yourself getting through whatever life is throwing at you. Whether you are being bullied because of your ethnicity, the way you look, your interests, etc. what this character is going though is something people can relate to and help them deal with their own complications with bullying or being treated differently for whatever reason. It is important to not care so much about what other people think and focus on your own matters. I think because of the dialogue in this story makes it more realistic and gives you more insight, making it personal for the reader. He gives off almost a sarcastic tone toward the story and tries to make this matter as light hearted as possible. This story sheds light on topics and controversies that a lot of people don’t really recognize or want to talk about. Bullying has been an issue for years and sadly, it will probably always be a reoccurring issue. The issue of bullying is an issue all on its own but also for many years, racism and discrimination have also been a huge issue. It is important for everyone of all age groups, ethnicities, etc., to read this story because a lot people don’t want to deal with this problem or talk about it, but we should al be aware. And what’s so great about this story is that it gives a more personal insight to these issues because he is speaking from his own experience. Someone going through these struggles could read this and help give them the strength to overcome and bring awareness.

Alexie tells a story of an Indian boy that is bullied throughout all his school years. This story can be relatable for many people. This story has a reoccurring theme of bullying, discrimination, and racism. It shows how he dealt with these issues. This is a way for people to have their different stories but be able to relate to one another and come together and persevere. This story can also educate people and bring awareness to these reoccurring issues.


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