Inefficiencies In Managing Human Resources

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The inefficiencies in the way human resources are utilized in a business in which I am familiar with are poor human resource management, ineffective recruitment, turnover, noncompliance, and the lack of having personnel in the human resource department to handle the business (Nillos, 2015). These are areas I have seen within an organization I have worked for and the top reason we see these things is the organization runs lean and lack of employees in the human resource department to handle the workload. When this happens everything that belongs to the human resource department starts to fall on top of the management team and not only is human resources overloaded, so is the managers. Poor human resource management has been something I have seen over the years, which has caused a negative impact and one of those impacts were trust for the human resource department (Nillos, 2015). This puts constraints on the organization, because the employees lose trust, lack of motivation and employees are not as productive as they could be if they were feeling supported by the human resource department (Nillos, 2015). Not having enough personnel in the human resource department falls into not having a recruiter to help with the hiring process, this falls back on the manager of the department manager to go through applications, interviewing, reference checks and much more. These things can be time consuming when they are already in the workflow and needing to handle their management responsibilities. This goes in hand with ineffective recruitment, kind of like what we call the, “warm body syndrome”. This means hiring someone to fill that position just because it needs filled and you are so understaffed it’s a desperate hire. This person that is hired does not fit the culture of the organization and then end up adding to the turnover rate. This happens because managers do not have the time to handle to really go through all the applications without the interruptions of the day to day operations, this is why a recruiter is so important to the organization (Nillos, 2015). Being short staffed in the human resource department and not having the employee files up to date. This can be a problem with accreditation period and other things fall through the cracks such as someone does not get paid for their medical leave until they have returned back to work, which is something that happened to me when I went on maternity leave once. All of these tie into the main denominator of having the staff that is needed and making sure they are the correct staff for the job, so there is not a high turnover rate within departments and within the human resource department as well.

How these efficiencies can be reduced or eliminated is by starting with the human resource department and getting all the department areas filled with the most qualified employees that can assist employees and hire a recruiter to assist the managers with their hiring needs. Then beginning with a training that gives everyone an overview of who does what and who they should be reaching out to for support. This way everyone is aware of how to utilize the human resource department without overloading one or two people. At my job right now we have an email address that we can send human resource documents to [email protected] or if we have a question it is [email protected] . These are wonderful options to be able to get someone from that department to help with filing personnel documents or if you need to ask a question and someone gets back to you in a timely manner. Management can also support the human resource department by not adding unnecessary work to their plates as well. There would need to be cultural shift on how to work with our teams and how to manage turnover, see what it is that our employees are wanting from us they are not getting.

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The changes that could be made to the job design in order to implement these changes would be change the job descriptions to where they seek better candidates. Raising the educational requirements for the jobs we are hiring for. If we are rising the education level, we would need to make sure there is no one in the position we are hiring for that has a lower education that what we are requesting of an applicant. Additional compensation would need to be considered if we are requiring more education in order to take the position and additional work needed to complete the required job responsibilities added to make sure there are no gaps in the work that is being done in our human resource departments.


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