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Benefits Of Using Instagram In Your Marketing Strategy

In just three years, the Instagram social network has grown by 150 million users, so it is a faster growth trajectory than Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. And with 60 percent of users outside the United States, according to Maximize Social Business. Beyond the popularity as well as the rapid expansion of Instagram, there are multiple...
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Instagram Strategy: Attracting Everyone's Attention With Beautiful Images

With one billion users worldwide, Instagram is like a bomb, followed closely by Facebook. In the world of social media, images are often more meaningful than words and visual content with attractive photos is likely to be noticed on the web. So what Instagram strategy should be put in place to attract more visitors? This...
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Instagram Strategic Analysis

Introduction Instagram is a free application that allows the sharing of photos and videos on smart phones. Its users can also use it to communicate through its chat and comments and react to others posts (Instagram Inc., 2019). External environment The Industry and external environment Social media are becoming more and more powerful every day...
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