Intel: History, Current State And Future Predictions

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Intel Corporation Research Paper


Intel Corporation was founded by two engineers named Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce in Mountain View, CA in 1968.Intel is a technology manufacturing company. It starting out making memory chips for computers and eventually started making DRAM which sold better. They eventually won the backing of a capitalist and investor named Arthur Rock who helped Intel raise $2.5 million in less than 2 days, which was huge for Moore and Noyce since Intel was still just starting out. Not too long after the company’s founding, Moore and Noyce found a third visconary for the team named Andrew Groove. He helped develop things like their metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) and large-scale integrated technology (LSI). At this point Intel was starting to become the great company they are today and recruited Ted Hoff, Fredrico Faggin, and Stan Mazor to their group. They had a few technology breakthroughs and took over the technology market for personal computers and computers in general. In 2006 they company announced it designed the first full functional SRAM chip using 45-nanometer logic technology, this was big for the time. Their competitors include companies like Samsung, AMD, and Nvidia. Intel has now been at the forefront of silicon innovation for nearly 40 years. Today Intel is one of the world leaders in developing technologies, and products.

Current Market Analysis

Intel has been around since the 60s and has continued to be one of the leaders in computer technology in America. Their stocks have gone up and down of the years but is always thriving nonetheless. Intel’s market share for the past year has been up and is also currently up and doing well.

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  • Open 45.25 Div Yield 2.74%
  • High 46.12 Prev Close 45.10
  • Low 45.10 52-wk High 59.59
  • Mkt Cap 206.08B 52-wk Low 42.36
  • P/E Ratio 10.40

Intel Most Recent Lawsuit

Intel’s most recent lawsuit was one from 2004 that just got settled in 2014. The lawsuit was brought as a class action on behalf of consumer from all over the country. It was litigated through three class certification hearings, one appeal, and many petitions for review. The lawsuit alleged that Intel secretly wrote a benchmark test intended to generate higher performance scores for their Pentium 4 Processor and that they paid software companies for “optimizations” intended to hide their design flaws. Intel denied allegations of altering their benchmark test to make them better, but later paid a settlement of over $4 million.

Future Performance Predictions

Intel is currently the biggest company providing personalized computers with CPUs and CPU Chipsets and I don’t think they are going anywhere soon. Their stocks are doing well now with their stocks being up 2.06%. Their stocks are currently worth $46.03, and they even hit their 52 weeks high 2 months ago in April. Their stocks have gone down since the high but are still doing well. They even recently purchased a leading technology company named Mobile (MBLY). The company is a lead technology provider for the autonomous vehicle (self-driving cars) industry. The company has been doing great and can only do more with help from Intel.   


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