Essays on Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence And Its Impact On Humans Life

Introduction Intelligence research has been dominated by conceptualisation and IQ (Intelligence Quotient) for decades. However, a popular argument against IQ is that it measures a narrow, more mathematical aspect of intelligence (Mackintosh & Mackintosh, 2011). This was noted by Gardner and Hatch (1989) who explored the concept of multiple intelligences and discovered that IQ was...
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The Impact Of Intelligence And Personality On Individuals’ Behaviors And Performance At Work

Intelligence and personality feature as significant concepts to formal scientific literature and contemporary discussions of psychological phenomena. Associated importance of the ideas derives from their reference to powerful, broad attributes regarding humans, which influence motivation, cognition, and behaviour in various settings, including work. Despite personality and intelligence availing essential techniques of summarizing considerable individual dissimilarities...
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Overview Of Intelligence Theories

Intelligence, according to IPFS, is defined as “a person’s cognitive ability to learn. It is also associated with school performance, IQ, logic, abstract thought, self-awareness, emotional knowledge, memory, planning, creativity, and problem-solving” (IPFS, 2017). This in itself covers a vast area of what the true definition should be. The debate of what intelligence is and...
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Book Review: “Emotional Intelligence” By Daniel Goleman

I think that what has led me towards reading this book, besides the assignment that we have had, was the fact that I consider myself a colder person, not really used to responding to emotions. To say more, the title itself seemed really catchy, as I had not yet thought about a combination between intelligence,...
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The Phenomenon Of Intelligence Failure

Intelligence failure can best be described as the inability to anticipate the move of the “opponent” or the “opposing figure” in any given situation. Intelligence failure is best understood in the context of intelligence success, because it allows us the opportunity to recognize where exactly in the intelligence cycle something went wrong. Therefore, intelligence failures...
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