Intentions Portrayed In The Play Everyman And Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

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The intentions the author and producers portray in the play Everyman and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory was to provide a sense of comfort when dealing with death. The play Everyman was initially brought to the public’s eye in the fifteenth century. During that time period there was a lot of poverty and disease. People weren’t happy, they felt like there was no need to live, all hope was lost, and the churches became involved by bring some light and hope to the people. They began to create and have morality plays like Everyman to show people some morals because of those plays it let to have movies like Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory that deals with the same principles put in modern time.

Everyman is a story about God making people take actions for their sins because people are “living without dread in worldly prosperity. Of ghostly sight the people be so blind, Drowned in sin” (Anonymous 2). Most people now a days don’t believe in a religion or in anything and tend to treat others bad. In the Play God requests Death to bring him Everyman so he can be judged for his sins and repent them. When death reaches Everyman on earth, he does not want to go with him, he wishes to be given a second chance and begs to stay on earth but Death does not give him more time, he does allow Everyman to take someone with him but all the people who he thought would follow him to the afterlife was not whiling to go with him. Every person Everyman has ever trusted and loved did not have his back they made him feel hopeless and has abandoned him. His last hope was good-deed however good-deed was sick and weak to help him so good-deed sent Knowledge to clear Everyman’s sins. However, Good-deed begins to feel better and ends up going with Everyman. Everyman and Good-deed go and see Death. When Everyman reaches Death, he begins to feel weak, Everyman begins to prepare him self to cross to the after life along with good-deed and are is received in heaven by an angel which shows that if you can make amends with all the people you’ve hurt and for your sins before you die then you can only rely on the good deeds you make to go to heaven if not you will be sent to hell.

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Everyman is like the movie Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory but a modern version. The intentions the Producers and writes of the movie portray is like the the play Everyman. It deals with morality, being kind to people and knowing how to raise your kids. The movie is about Willy Wonka giving five lucky people the chance to take a tour of his factory and one will win a life time supply of chocolate but nobody wants to win the prize more than Charlie, he keeps his hopes up to win one of the golden tickets. However, his family is so poor, Charlie wining one of those tickets is very unlikely but he does not lose hope like Everyman when he tried finding someone to go with him to the afterlife. Charlie ends up wining the last golden ticket along with four intolerable kids. During the tour of the factory each of the intolerable kids tragically befell one another except Charlie. Although he did brake one of the rules his act of owning up to his mistake was enough to convince Willy Wonka that he was worthy of keeping the chocolate factory because Willy Wonka knows that he wont be around for so long and needs so one to take care of the factory which gave him a piece in mind that he has some one who can take care of the factory, someone who is worthy of it because Willy Wonka wont live for ever and he has accepted that he will die soon but before he goes to the after life he wanted to make amends with the world by reopening the factory and handing it over to the person who really deserves it like Charlie.

Everyman and Willy Wonka are two completely different story’s, but the meaning and purpose of the story line are both the same. I think both stories relate to modern times. Both stories deal with being honest, kind and having people to support you are very important things that people need today. Being kind to people in todays society will get you far, it will give you the opportunity to connect with people and having the support from them is the best felling anyone can ever have it is also important to be honest because it gives you a voice and in today society that is very important.  


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