Intercultural Communication And Technology

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Communication can be best be defined as the transmission of message from sender to receiver in an understandable manner which includes medium of words and images. The importance of effective communication is incalculable in every corner of the world. Thinking about intercultural communication it is generally related to cultural diversity, which biggest issue in today’s world. However, globalization and advanced technology has settled intercultural communication. Globalization has grown so fast that people all over the world are connected to each other than before. This essay defines about the value of intercultural and technological communication in workplace.

In view to internet and website, it is necessary to understand the utilize of network and intranets which are mostly usual in education, health services, business etc. Among the most widely used technologies in today’s world are Social media and emails. Technological communication plays significant role in economic growth as it gives benefits to small and large scale industries to support their competency, profitability and productivity. These type of technologies has been widely used in almost every activity inserting more and more things. Scholars, policy makers recognize the meaningful contribute in technological communication to meet the demand of globalization (Barclay and Duggan, 2008). Technological communication reduces the cost of business process and also furtherdown the cost of operation. Similarly, in today’s modern workplace, there needs to be effective communication with the collaboration among the co-workers. Each of the worker have their own idea so that they can give the critical feedback to each other and make the project successful. Sharing knowledge and information is very important in every factor of administration. Communication between the workers improves the knowledge sharing capabilities and improve the leadership in the organization (Kim and Lee, 2006).

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Likewise, more number of employees are being hired these days from different countries, variation, diversification, ethnic groups and cultures. This results enhance the workplace interaction culturally and semantically although all the workers belong from different countries. Many things may differ to each other while working but everyone learn new things either that’s good or bad. For instance, comparing Nepalese and Australian lifestyle, Nepalese citizen never care about the timetables and meaning of exact time but when these people migrate to Australia for education or any other purposes, they will know the value of time while going to college/university or work. Working with the people of different countries like China, India, and Bangladesh may be difficult but it improves their intercultural communication and level up the confidence. As there is global competition, the complexity of intercultural interaction requires management to understand the domain of global relationship (Harvey, M. G. and Griffith, D. A. 2002). Moreover, this is the time of technology and communication. Each and every individual have smartphones over their hands. Communication between people have been easy due to the social sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Gmail. Anything can happen within a blink of eye and every individual can know what is happening in the whole world due to the mobile phones and internet. Technology has been so widely used from home to the scientific research too. It has made world smaller, within the palms. For example: Before we used to provide the resume door to door to get the job but now its been so easy that we can just email them within seconds and get the instant replies too. Even you can apply online for the job. Comparing to other countries, Australia has been more developed in terms of use of technology in each and every sector. Even we can compare with our home country with Australia, it is far more developed which we cannot even imagine in our home country.


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