Essays on Interpersonal Relationship

Ways To Avoid Peer Pressure

What is peer pressure first of all? Peers are group members it can be a social group, family group, or any other type of group. Peer pressure means the kind of behavior that is influenced by the peers of the group and which is not socially acceptable in society. It can be to experiment the...
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Peer Pressure In Young Adults

Introduction Peers are basically the people of your age or close to it who have experiences and interests similar to yours. Peers form an integral part of our life. As we become more independent, our peers naturally play a greater role in your life. Peer pressure is the influence on people by peers, or the...
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Peer Pressure: Negative Or Positive Experience

Peer Pressure has caught public attention from many people, all with varying opinions on the place it has in our society, and how it affects us and those around us. The issue is very relevant, as many people are affected by peer pressure now than ever before. Social Media and faster communications are large factors...
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Impact Of Workplace Friendship On Productivity & Job Satisfaction

Introduction An organisation is nothing but people, who spend most of their time there. At a workplace, it becomes very essential for people to maintain productivity, as well as be satisfied with the job they are required to do everyday. When there are people, there are relationships built, especially with the team members at work....
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A Weak Friendship And A Real Friendship

Friends should support each other at all times no matter the significance. They should respect each other’s opinions even if they do not agree and support each other through everything no matter good or bad. Friends must not only be supportive of one another but when needed be compassionate. Friends should not only just listen...
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True Friendship: What Does It Mean For Me

True friendship changes a person. It builds them up and instills priceless comfort and surety in one’s life. The friendship they share provides strength, courage, a sense of security and self-confidence. This comes with knowing there is always that one person on their side, in their corner, no matter what. Not everyone finds a friendship...
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Transnational Marriage

Apart from arranged vs. love marriage practices, I would also like to discuss about transnational marriage, commonly known as international marriage, which refers to marriage between Singaporeans and foreigners (non-residents). According to a news article published by Channel NewsAsia, transnational marriages are considered to be “as resilient” as local marriages (marriages between citizens) despite facing...
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Family Relationships: Cross-cultural Perspectives

Throughout this assessment I will be evaluating cross cultural perspectives on families. The definition of family varies extremely and has a different meaning to different individuals. There are some couples who do not have children and still believe they are a family however the authentic meaning of family is two parents and their children who...
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The Stigma Of Polygamy

 In today’s society, social status can be interpreted by the income you earn that translates to the materialistic items that represent your status. In the Heian period, a large majority of the people, specifically women, are not in the same social status as women in the Japanese literature texts. In Japanese literature, aristocracy is mentioned...
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Polygamy In Modern Age

Introduction Polygamous marriage is always a sensitive topic that is often being portrayed as an outdated practice and should be abolished as the world progresses. The numerous cases of unsuccessful polygamous marriage, such as abusive and controlling partner has painted a negative image on polygamy. Due to this misconception, movements have been created to go...
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