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Into The Wild: Book Review

Title: Into The Wild Publication Date: 1996Author: Jon Krakauer Nationality: AmericanAuthor’s Birth/Death Dates: April 12, 1954 – Now Distinguishing Traits of Author: Jon Krakauer is an American writer and mountaineer born in Brookline, Massachusetts, but was raised in Oregon. From a young age, his father taught Krakauer how to climb mountains and he fell in...
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Themes In The Book Into The Wild

Into the wild is a book that centers around the story of Chris McCandless otherwise known as Alexander Supertramp, who leaves home for his dream adventure of going to Alaska and living on his own. A theme in the book is the theme of self-independence. In Psychology Today, a post talked about how self-independence could...
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Into The Wild: Book Versus Movie

 Into The wild is a non-fictional novel based on a true story by John Krakauer. It was later adapted into a movie directed by Sean Penn. Both the movie and the novel are based on the story of the American adventurer Christopher Johnson McCandless who gives up his luxurious life to delve into the life...
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