Essays on Irony

Flaubert’s Use Of Irony

Flaubert is the great master of ironic contemplation. The irony is a fundamental literary device of his novel, Madame Bovary. It uses for the intention of heightening his meaning and directing the reader’s attention to his main themes. Irony has three distinct categories including situational, dramatic and verbal irony. The first two of these ironies...
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Crucible And Irony

What is irony, first of all? The irony is saying the opposite of what one actually means by using words. Miller has a sarcastic tone in The Crucible. This sound has to do with humor when we refer to each other. Sarcasm means reproach or sarcastic criticism. The reason Miller writes in such simple humor...
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Irony In Pride And Prejudice

Jane Austen’s witty way of incorporating her personal humour within her works makes her stand out in comparison to other authors publishing their own novels at the time. Theresa Weisensee describes her writings as ‘strongly marked by an ironic tone, a subtle humour and highly ambivalent statements.’ This irony she presents to her readers is...
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