Essays on Jack The Ripper

Jack The Ripper: London Killer

For the greater part of human history, life involved hunting, gathering, hand-making goods and living in agricultural societies. For a long time, people were dependant on the access they have to food and basic human needs. During the 18th century, the process of urbanisation increased and manufacturing of goods became mechanicalised. Goods that had once...
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Jack The Ripper: Story Of Crimes And Suspected Persons

Jack the Ripper, notorious for his barbarous, merciless and inhumane manslaughters was an infamous serial killer with an unknown identity. ‘The Ripper’ was responsible for numerous ghastly homicides of women now addressed as the ‘canonical five’ during the summer of 1888. Robbery, violence, and alcohol dependency were all driving factors concerning the abundant amount of...
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Suspected To Be A Jack The Ripper

Throughout history, there have been many cases dealing with serial killers. Cases that may be closed but will never be forgotten. These killers kill for the fun for the thrill. They do this to also try to satisfy their own wicked pleasure. Some of them even do these things in hopes of not get caught....
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Jack The Ripper Murders

Five people were mutilated in the span of three years from 1888 to 1891 when the case was closed. Jack the Ripper killed those five people in Whitechapel, London. The Ripper affected society by changing its view on serial killers. In the late nineteenth century five women were found dead. “In each homicide, the victim...
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Men Suspected To Be A Jack The Ripper

The initial name used to refer to Jack The Ripper was Leather Apron. A great deal of attention surrounded the killers actions and brought a such torment, fear and unrest to the people of England. A slue of letters claiming to be the Ripper were a focal point for the investigation. Walter Sickert’s saliva was...
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