Essays on Jamestown

Analysis Of Dr Rachel Herrmann's Arguments About The Jamestown

Situated in the Chesapeake Bay next to the James river, a piece of land in what is now referred to as modern-day Virginia was founded on the 14th May 1607 as the frontier colony, Jamestown. This swampy land was prone to attacks by the Powhatan Native Americans, and worst of all – drought. The article,...
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Jamestown Disaster Analysis

In Jamestown, many disasters were causing long-lasting, painful deaths. Many reasons caused Jamestown to lose 80 percent of its population. One of the three reasons that caused this was that the land that they wanted to conquer had people living there already, The Patawomeke Indians. Another reason is the lack of food and water was...
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Jamestown: Reasons Why Colonists Died

Even though Jamestown was the first permanent English colony in the United States located in Virginia, but during their time there they had trouble and many ended up dying, but why did so many settlers end up dying? The reason why so many Colonist died at Jamestown was due to the Types of Settlers, Environmental...
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