Essays on Jane Austen

Jane Austen: The Famous Novelist

English literature has been divided into several eras, one of which is Romanticism. According to Matt (2016), Romanticism or other terms can be called the Romantic era or the Romantic period is an artistic, literary and intellectual movement originating from Europe towards the end of the 18th century and reaching its peak in 1800 to...
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Jane Austen & Feminism

Jane Austen is a well-known female writer in England, her portrait was printed at ten pounds. Not only her novels have broad appeal and are still as powerful today as when they were first published, but also the most representative feminist. In Britain in the 18th and 19th centuries, men were the principal and center...
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Gender, Culture, Politics: Readings Of Jane Austen

‘[S]he was no sooner arrived than she ordered the Coachman to turn around & drive her back again’ (‘The Beautifull Cassandra’). Write an essay discussing forms of female mobility in Austen’s writing. The placement of Jane Austen within feminist discourse is complicated by the ongoing struggle between those critics that consider Austen as an authoress...

Theme Of Gender In Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey

 Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey mainly focuses on gender inequality that was present in her society. The author tells the story of three families which stand for different social classes and special emphasis is put on the role of women. The first one is the ‘great ladies’, and it includes women who meet social expectations concerning...
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