Essays on Journalism

Drone Journalism

Drones have other benefits in journalism, from emergency coverage to sports, traffic forecasts and even protests. For these purposes, they are now used widely. It allows journalists to catch breaking news. Drones are one type because they can deliver unmistakable visual perspectives. They can be used to examine new reporting boundaries beyond the visuals through...
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Consequences Of Digitalisation Of Journalism

Twenty years of social media and various other advancements in technology has meant that anyone with an internet connection can essentially become a journalist. Unfortunately, this has caused the digital world to become flooded with information. Trust and credibility have been tainted by the excessive amounts of news, fake and otherwise, that the audience is...
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Peculiarities Of Citizen Journalism

Every citizen is a rising journalist; As they controls the time of events and their impact on the recipient, for example, news agencies will not be able to publish their correspondents in all neighborhoods and streets, which turned the citizen journalism phenomenon into an phenomenon that cannot be ignored. The media, but they play similar...
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The Changing Face of Fashion Journalism: Analytical Essay

Fashion Journalism History Virginia Pope is the pioneer of fashion journalism. She began working for the New York Times in 1925, with her work made fashion a serious contender for newspaper coverage, destroying the idea that “fashion journalism” was an oxymoron. She began reporting on the “Paris haute couture collection” (Luther, 2019) in 1934 and...
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