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Charles Bovary is a young student who comes from a rough family. His mother is obsessed with him as she wants him to make a name for himself, so she spoils him. His father is a man who failed in his career and is unfaithful to his wife. Despite being spoiled, Charles has the traits of a good kid but a lazy one, as he often skips school and doesn’t appreciate what he has. He has a rough journey ahead of him, he doesn’t fit in anywhere. Charles Laziness and weakness will get him a sad life. Charles’s journey is significant as the reader sees him go from a lazy kid who didn’t shine much to a doctor who went through a hard path, determined to be successful. His mother is his kryptonite, which is a challenge he will have to face later on in his journey.

The story starts us off with a young Charles entering a classroom in a new school. The beginning of the story is told by a classmate of Charles whom we never hear from again. Charles from the beginning doesn’t fit in his new school. He eventually transfers to a medical school as his parents, or his mother really, wants Charles to become a doctor. After being sent to medical school, it is a clear sign Madame Bovary is desperate for Charles to do something with his life. It is foreshadowing that Charles will have serious problems with his mother in the future. Charles is lazy from the start in medical school, he regularly skips class and fails his exams. After working hard and barely passing the exams the second time, Charles is licensed to practice medicine and becomes a doctor. This shows the reader that even though he isn’t the smartest he can get things done if he sets his mind to it.

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Later on in Charles’s life, Madame Bovary finds him a wife who is much older than him, Heloise. Heloise is a lot like Madame Bovary, she tries to control Charles as much as she can. Charles is mentally weak, he can easily get manipulated by women, that is his biggest weakness. One lucky day, Charles meets the love of his life Emma: she is the daughter of a patient, Charles eventually starts seeing Emma more and falls in love. This part of the story adds excitement to the journey of Charles, it gives Charles hope of maybe turning a part of his life around. Eventually, Heloise finds out Charles is seeing Emma and makes him promise he will stop seeing her. But its too late, Charles has already fallen in love. After some time Charles divorces Heloise and marries Emma.

Charles wasn’t a good husband to Emma. They shared nothing in common, Emma was unhappy. Charles lacked all the qualities of a good husband. He thinks Emma is as happy as he is, he doesn’t see Emma’s life is miserable. Charles is the complete opposite of his wife. This was another disadvantage Charles had. He was never able to see Emma had affairs. Although Charles wasn’t a good husband, he tried his best and truly loved Emma. Charles’s journey just gets more depressing as time goes by. Emma was unfaithful to him during their marriage and Charles fount out when it was too late.

Charles lacks intelligence and imagination. He is a bad country doctor who lacks the knowledge and has a wife who has multiple affairs. His journey from start to finish is sad and depressing. Charles goes from being controlled by women to getting heartbroken by one. He doesn’t achieve anything in his career as a doctor and ends up having to pay his unloyal wife debts. Charles’s character is critical in the story. He is an insensitive character who does a good job representing the middle class. In the end, Charles has to confront the truth and accept the lived a sad life.

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