KFC: Performance Review

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Performance Review:

The researcher learns many things from every research. When I conduct a research project, I have also learned a lot. The research experience I have gained will help me in my company life. I have learned how to act with other men, how to thank staff, colleagues and supervisors for research as I have done the research project. Perception is an important element for business life and I can know it if I have an opportunity to work in new businesses. I wanted approval from the top level of the KFC organization before I had an interview with employees so that in this case, the authorization process would teach me how to communicate with the company. As I am a student of business background, my work experience is important to me. In my study, I visited the business and spoke with the workers, and gathered their thoughts about their organizations’ working atmosphere. Another element in project management is time management. I also learned to manage time and apply to my work. I have learned about the importance of cultural diversity and equality in all aspects of life. There is a specific culture in the KFC and the workers follow it. And in the companies, this increases the work pace. I know that I will learn of the culture of organization’s productivity at the time of the study, meet various business leaders and share their knowledge with them and also want to help me as I run my company in the future. In addition, I have learned about cost reduction, from which I can be more competitive. I also got to know the decision-making process through this project. Such observations support me a lot now when making decisions efficiently.


The report addressed the successful application of the concept of KFC. It was intended to determine the relevance and systematic approach for organizational integration and diversity. The article offers a description with descriptions and graphs on the Gantt map proposals and the results of the survey. Based on the findings, all recommendations were made. To inspire other companies to change businesses, KFC should be shown how important it is to promote inclusion and sustainable development. This makes the workplace a healthier space for people who are facing certain discrimination, such as people of a certain race, minorities, women, etc. The analysis clearly shows the learning outcomes and is well understood how to apply the Research Methods used.

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