Essays on Kurt Vonnegut

Analysis Of The Player Piano By Kurt Vonnegut

Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut is a huge example of technology taking over human beings. This book was published in 1952 but till this day technology is becoming more advanced and is controlling humans. Paul Proteus, the main character of the story is a manager of Ilium Works. Ilium Work is a company that works...
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Kurt Vonnegut: Master Of Dark Humour

Known for his dark humor and comical commentary/criticism on the society in which he lived, Kurt Vonnegut was one of America’s foremost contemporary writers. While he is best known for penning the critically acclaimed sci-fi/anti-war novel, Slaughterhouse-Five (1969), he published 14 novels in a career that span more than 50 years. Read on to find...
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Kurt Vonnegut: Satire Enthusiast

Satire enthusiasts Kurt Vonnegut mixed comedy and real life events to offer a new perspective on things he experienced. He was a late 20th century writer who was famous for his science fiction and satiristic books. He won many awards and even has a library in his hometown dedicated to him. Kurt Vonnegut was a...
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