Leadership: Definition And Leader Skills

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What kind of people can be defined as “leader”? A talkative man who can attract people’s attention all the time and seems extremely credible, or a meditative person who’s always oblivious of the outside world but just bone up on his work? By the traditional definition, the typical leader is always the first kind of person, who is charismatic and talkative. In my opinion, however, a leader can be any of kind of person who organizes the work and makes the contribution to the other. Since accepting diversity is part of the leadership, the diversity of leadership itself should also be accepted. A voluble man can be a leader, so does a reticent man.

Our world is a world of diversity – the diversity of races, the diversity of personalities, and the diversity of abilities. In most years of my life, I was never able to understand the necessity of accepting diversity until I was considered as a “nerd” by others just because I’m not a sociable man. It’s obvious that diversity is inevitable in our daily life; In America, we meet people of different cultural groups with divergent conventions everyday and everywhere. No one can escape from it, and everyone is part of it. I don’t think my ability is strong enough for me to be called a real “leader”, but I think my personality has introduced me the right track of becoming a leader. I think my understanding of the inevitability of diversity somehow gives me the ability to see my own shortages and find others’ advantages, which is an absolutely vital part of leadership. It’s diversity which gives this pure world the florid colours, but it’s also diversity which causes the endless fight between the people of different opinions. I think my ability to see the diversities and accept them makes me likely a person who is always able to mediate the conflicts of others, remit their anger and relatively dispel their negative emotion.

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A pair of visionary eyes is important for a leader, but more do two toilsome hands and one laborious brain. In my view, I’m not a man with a truly talented brain, but I can say it’s certainly a hardy one. I have been an extracurricular programmer since I was in eighth grade. I know that this relatively unsystematic programming experience can not make me an advanced programmer and it’s still a long way from me to the professional. However, I can be sure that this experience gives me a strong basis about programming and more than that, it reinforces my ability to solve problems. Every time I encounter any problem, I can mostly find a way to solve it by using the known information and the documents or others’ experience on the internet. Just like a popular maxim of programmers said, “Talk is cheap, show me the code”; As the opposite of the man of words, I more consider myself a man of actions. The delicious crabs were considered as disgusting insects before the first brave man who has the courage to try it. One person makes his step, all people can make their steps. As a man of actions instead of a man of words, I think I can likely be the possible one who will try the crab and make the first step.

A good problem solver is not enough to be a real leader, a leader is more likely to be a good organizer. A talkative man has the potential to an organizer, but so does the meditative. To be honest, I’m an introverted person who is not conventionally considered as a good organizer. Whereas, I do not consider conversationalist is the necessary ability for being an organizer. In my opinion, talking is much cheaper than acting. As long as you can show people the act, the talk will not matter. In my view, programming is also one form of organizing. With a stable basis on programming, I think has the potential to be a good organizer. Allocating people to their best work position and planning the work process is just like deciding how to do encapsulation in programming – put the fitful functions into the fitful class and make proper objects as proper uses, which I’m deeply informed.

The worst thing in this world is to be the giant of thoughts, the dwarf of actions. As a maverick “nerd” who will never be considered as a leader by tradition, I think I’m on my way.


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