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Comparative Study: Artworks Of Francis Bacon And Artworks Of Edvard Munch

In this Comparative Study, I will compare two Artworks of Francis Bacon and two artworks from Edvard Munch. I will focus on formal qualities in their work, such as Color and Line. I will also investigate, compare and contrast things such as artistic style, themes, and culture. Both artists have inspired my artwork. In themes...
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My Experience Of Being An Exchange Student

I live in Mexico City with my mother and both of my siblings. My mother is Mexican, but her mother is Lebanese; however, her father is Mexican. My father, who is American, lives in Vermont with his brothers; along with their Lebanese father, and Mexican mother. I was raised and educated based on a combination...
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Academic Freedom: The David Horowitz Freedom Center

The major topic of this analysis refers to how the David Horowitz Freedom Center (DHFC) is a hate group based on how its namesake founder advances arguments for academic freedom by framing them as calls to make free speech an absolute right in the United States. Founded by conservative political analyst David Horowitz in 1988...
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Effects Of Co-Curricular Activities On Learning Process

Universities are meant to provide quality education and ensure holistic development of the students. One of the ways is by encouraging the students to participate in co-curricular activities. This is because co-curricular activities could affect students’ learning effectiveness. According to Leung, Ng and Chan (2011), the definition of learning effectiveness is the psychosocial components that...
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The Reason That Makes Listening So Basic To Coaching

Reflective Essay: Listening Listening is the foundation of coaching. Throughout the work on the PCD, I was able to experience how basic this skill is to being a good coach. That’s why I chose it to be the topic of the third reflective essay in which I will discuss the merits of being non-judgemental. I...
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Good Education: Co-Curriculars And Extracurriculars

Having a good education is one of the most important requirements in such a dynamic world and as such, is a necessity. Are we giving our kids the best? That’s not particularly dependent on the price of their school fees or the location of the school or the kind of uniforms they wear but the...
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Exchange Students: Advantages Of Studying Abroad

At one point in our lives we have heard the saying, “life is all about taking risks” and often paired with that quote is “do what makes you happy,” but sometimes the things that make us happy may not be what others want us to do. At 18 years old, Katherine Maynard decided that she...
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Social Listening: The Main Idea

What is Social Listening? Introduction: There is no wonder that social media platform plays a vital role in every field. It is possible to establish a connection with others through social media. Nowadays, every business people wants to connect with their target customer and want to know about their tastes or preferences. To achieve this...
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