Legalization For Medical Marijuana For NFL Players

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The issue of marijuana use has attracted divergent discussions worldwide. There is a sharp division between individuals who believe that marijuana should be legalized due to its medicinal value, especially for pain relief. These are the people who posit that Marijuana benefits the body supersedes the harm it is perceived to cause. This is an argument that has not gone well with some individuals who have had a hard stance against the use and legalization of the drug. They are against the use of marijuana-based on their religious beliefs or from a clinical perspective. Research has been conducted, seeking to establish or come up with scientific evidence to proof or disproof the medicinal values of marijuana. This is a proposal paper on Why Marijuana should be legal for NFL players for pain relief.

Legalization of Marijuana is a complex and extremely questionable issue in the world today. It is a fact that marijuana has both benefits and its disadvantage, just like any drugs. Opposing or proposing the drug should, therefore, be informed of the fact and consideration of all underlying issues surrounding the use of marijuana. However, some people oppose its use and legalization mainly because that has failed to see the advantages associated with it. The general population has seen Cannabis as a destructive medication, yet it is a characteristic drug. The discussions all over the US today about cannabis are on the off chance that it ought to be legitimate by any means, lawful for medicinal utilize just, or lawful for therapeutic and social use. All through this work, it takes a look at the upsides of weed and the basic negative convictions will be talked about; just as why it ought to be authorized all through the United States.

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In the world of industry, Marijuana plays very significant roles. According to Battle (2013), Different products depend on the cannabis plant for production. The hurds, core of the stalk, can be used for oil absorption, bedding of animals, and in producing fuel as biomass. The durability of the fiber stalks is also essential in producing building materials, ropes, canvas, and clothing. The seeds have hemp oil, which acts as source food for animals and humans. Hemp oil is also an important ingredient found in cosmetics, paints, and soaps globally. A mixture of Hemp oil with omega six and omega three are used in Arthritis treatment Omega three and Omega six to treat arthritis (Drug rehab, 2013).

Now, going by the above argument, the big question remains on whether the drug should be legalized or continue being an illegal drug. Marijuana has for many years been used to treat different kinds of ailments. Several journals have been published featuring the medicinal values of marijuana. While the use of marijuana for medical value was popular in the 19th and 20th centuries, the development of alternative medicine led to its decline in popularity and use. Legalization of Marijuana puts it under controlled substance, hence further causing a decline in the use of the product. However, today, medicinal marijuana is increasingly getting support due to its proved ability to help in managing pain and chronic diseases such as cancer.

Marijuana has also been used to control pain; Sporting activities such as football and volleyball among others, involve physical contact that some time will cause injury in parts of the body hence causing pain. This has raised a demand for a drug that will help ease pain and make sporting activities easy for the players. However, there is a history of sports bodies to keep marijuana among the banned substance list. This has been ongoing despite the public and health practitioner’s opinions that have gravitated towards the legalization of Marijuana. Available research has further identified the potential of cannabis to alleviate a range of ailments and pains. Due to illegalization, the player who would wish to use marijuana, have resorted to doing so quietly, avoiding some periodic test for fear of being reprimanded.

Competitive sports such as football and basketball, involve aggressive tactics which lead to injuries and pains. A study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs took a gander at 1,000 individuals taking the sanctioned pot in an American state found that among the 65% of individuals taking cannabis for pain relieve, out of the 80% said that it was incredible working. This prompted 82% of these individuals having the option to lessen or quit assuming control over the counter torment meds, and 88% have the option to quit taking narcotic painkillers. 74% of the 1,000 interviewees got it to enable them to rest – 84% of whom said the cannabis had helped them, and over 83% said that they had since decreased or quit assuming control over-the-counter or remedy tranquilizers. The study established that marijuana can relieve pain. Additionally, the analysts posit that more should be done to comprehend the potential remedial advantages of cannabis.

Research has further shown that 20% of the American adult population suffers from some forms of chronic pain. It has also further indicated that one of three adults suffers from insomnia, Marijuana use among these two categories of people has been found to relieve pain and also enhance sleep. It is on this note that marijuana should be legalized for NFL players as a pain reliever. While common over the counter medications and painkillers can help, they tend to have serious side effects. Opioid tends to depress the respiratory system, meaning that overdoses may be fatal. Some players can develop tolerance to opioids, hence requiring higher doses to achieve the same effect. This makes players who are constantly at pain to increase their dose of opioid medications over time, which in turn increases their risk of overdose.

According to the study by Raghavan, D. (2017), there are two active chemicals in marijuana that researchers strongly believe has medicinal benefits. The two chemicals are the cannabidiol (CBD), which tends to impact the brain and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that is believed to contain pain-relieving properties and is largely responsible for the high. Apart from the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), marijuana has more than four hundred chemical compounds, with about sixty of them being cannabinoids. All these chemicals have medical uses. Researchers, however, believe that there is a need for more research to establish all uses of those compounds.


From their above argument, it is clear that marijuana could be the solution the NFL needs to help their players deal with pains associated with the sport. The paper has however identified the different opposing arguments concerning legalizing marijuana. Looking at marijuana through the health perspective, marijuana has its medicinal values; It can relieve pain as well as help in caring for a patient suffering from chronic pain. Marijuana should, therefore, be legalized for use in NFL Sporting activities that involve physical contact that some time will cause injury in parts of the body hence causing pain.


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