Legalization Of Marijuana In Canada

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Cannabis is a subject a lot of people talk about as we all know, should we or should we not legalize it, and why? Well today i’m going to investigate about a country that legalized marijuana and what the positive and negative consequences are for this to happen.

Canada is known for legalizing both medical and recreational purposes of using Marijuana, Medical Marijuana become legalized in the whole country on 30th of july 2001. Time passed and on 17th October 2017 recreational Marijuana become legalized. The idea of legalization aims to reduce the risks of cannabis use by young people deterring them from consuming it. This includes setting a minimum age of 18, even tho the use of cannabis is now legal and even the plating of it in your own house, you can’t sell the Marijuana that you grown at home if you haven’t been authorized by the Health Canada . While we know some people under 18 will continue to use cannabis, we may deter some from trying it and thereby help protect them from health risks associated with the consumption of cannabis by young people, another thing they are trying to avoid in Canada is the illegal cannabis market which they are trying to displace, and i think that’s a great idea because people die while doing the mistake joining the blackmarket and by legalizing Marijuana they shut down the market. I do even think that this action by Canada should really influence other countries by doing the same, because drug war is very common in every country of the world and this could stop, we can take a look at the USA which legalized some parts of the country and doing progress.

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A statistic shows that the smuggling of Marijuana have dropped with 56 percent less Marijuana in 2017 then 2013, and this affected many other places in the U.S, especially at the US – Mexico border where drug smuggling have dropped, but also a drop in all seizures of drugs.

So what are my own thoughts about Canada’s action? I think that by legalizing cannabis Canada did a good thing from many different aspects, everything from economy to drug wars. Now that there are shops opened with pot people can go anytime to buy cannabis for recreational purpose which means that the economy will grow, the “green rush” is expected to grow into a 5 billion industry, but of course, now that this is legal marijuana will lose its worth, but the industry will still grow. This is even great because now this will make it harder for the black market and people will quit it, while the legalization of Marijuana will make it better for the economy, the illegal part of selling cannabis isn’t part of a formal economy, which means that they will lose both worth and customers, so in my POV this is a very positive action by Canada.

As we know Sweden is very strict with the conusume of cannabis, and that’s because of UN drugs convention which sweden has signed, this convention bans all the use and recreational purposes of all drugs. This action is done because “drug addiction is a threat to individuals and can also damage the economy”

When the discussions comes up the parties in Sweden have all agreed that Marijuana should stay illegal for both selling and recreational purposes. While i don’t truly agree with the parties in Sweden i must confess that there is chances for this action to make a society fail, you got to try because there is no perfect society, but you gotta think about what the positive consequences this action has, like increasing the economy and ending the black market and drug war once for all, even tho Marijuana is still better than all the other drugs it’s not 100%

It can of course have some results on the human body it’s still a risk you take for yourself exactly like alcohol and cigarettes, i think that the society in Sweden would look alot better with cannabis being legalized especially now with the crime and shooting increasing.

In conclusion i think that the legalization of cannabis in Canada was a great idea because of the good results that are showing of with the economy and the smuggling of drugs decreasing. It even affects the other countries in good results, and even tho Sweden has it illegal now, im very excited if Sweden opens their eyes and do the same thing as Canada.   


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