Leonardo Da Vinci As One Of The Greatest Minds In History

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Leonardo da Vinci is one of the greatest minds in history. He not only was an artist but also a writer, engineer, inventor, and mathematician. Many of his artwork and creation still remain today as proof of his brilliance and talent. His works in arts, science, engineering, and other biological have influenced surgeons, doctors, and many scientists. Leonardo da Vinci was born in a limited technological era, but this limitation made Leonardo think out of the little box that the word was.

DaVinci’s accomplishments are writing, amazing paintings, flying machines, and an armored car. Being so talented in different areas and living in the renaissance era, this was a cultural movement that took place in Italy and marks the jump of the medieval era to the modern era. he earned the name of a renaissance man. The qualities of an artistic, mechanical genius mastermind were present in one single man.

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Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452, born out of wedlock to a respected notary and a peasant woman, born with illegitimate social status, which means that he was a second-class family membership. destined for life as a tradesman he can’t even take his father’s name and was known as Leonardo from Vinci, and raised by his father to gain certain apprenticeships, but received no formal education beyond basic reading, writing, and math, during this time he was able to learn a lot of different skills that would benefit him in his inventions and art style.

In Leonardo’s da Vinci time, culture was still being made, and because his father appreciated his artistic talent, his father sends him to learn from Andrea del Verrocchio, of Florence. For a decade Leonardo practice and refine his skills in painting and sculpting and trained in mechanical arts until he could earn the title of master in these areas.

Leonardo had a thirst for knowledge, and his imagination knew no limitations, same as his vision of the future, at the time he never gives up on his scientific studies of human anatomy, and use this information about human structure to paint realistic paintings of human bone and muscular structure, but his work has never been published in his lifetime. Comparison with CT (Computed tomography) and MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) scans demonstrate that Leonardo’s work is still relevant today. His brilliant mind gave the world more than just magnificent artwork. He gave new inventors, artists, physicians a motivation to keep going. That’s his legacy  


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