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A Biblical Analysis And Response Same-Sex Marriage

Introduction On numerous occasions in time past and now, the accuracy and infallibility of the Christian Bible is one thing that has come under much scrutiny, even from within the church. This notwithstanding, the truths and principles expounded therein are widely accepted and acknowledged by the world at large; one of which is the institution...
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Problems Of Same-Sex Couples

Same-sex couples being denied services based on religious views of service provider, IE marriage planner, conference center, honeymoon suites Same-sex couples being deny services based on religious views of service providers, IE marriage planner, conference center, honeymoon suites in the United States of America. Our country as freedoms most others don’t have, like freedom of...
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Challenges Faced By LGBTQ And Same-Sex Families In Canada

On July 20, 2005, Same sex marriage became legal in Canada. Certainly, the nation has come a long way from that, most recent being the acceptance of a more inclusive definition of a legal family. This can be highlighted through the increase in percentage of same-sex couples who had children living with them, which rose...
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Same-Sex Couple: Discrimination By The Nursing Profession

Many same-sex couples face discrimination by the nursing profession. This type of behavior may envelop a range of negative attitudes toward same-sex couples. Discrimination and racism in the health care system are not only growing but also destructive to the fabric of the nursing profession. The nursing and Midwifery council of conduct states that while...
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Hemingway’s Gender And Sexuality

Ernest Hemingway, the epitome of machismo and misogyny for almost the whole 20th century, described himself as a boxer, hunter, fisher, and bullfighter. His contemporaries, though, most typically Zelda Fitzgerald, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife, remarked, “No one can be that macho!” (Milford). In a way, Zelda was right; Hemingway’s writing, aside from the obvious testosterone-ridden...
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Sexual Orientation And Depression

Despite the existence of effective treatments for depression, the most common and well-studied of which include psychotherapy and antidepressant medications (Weissman et al., 1979, Hollon et al., 2005, Bauer et al., 2007), the majority of the estimated 350 million individuals experiencing depression worldwide ( are untreated or undertreated. An estimated 50% of those suffering from...
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Homosexuality And Genetics

Homosexuality known as sexual desire and attraction towards an individual of one’s possess sex. The term gay is regularly utilized as an equivalent word for gay person; female homosexuality is frequently called as lesbianism. The geneticist had found that genetic factors may influence the homosexuality but not primarily. Hormones rage amid adolescence. Young ladies get...
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Understanding Of Sexuality

Sexuality and Sexual orientation We are either male or female after we are born. This refers to the biological trait such as female having a vagina and male having a penis, it is known as Sex. As we grow, we undergo the stage of self-identification or also known as gender identity. Were we truly start...
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Issue Of Transgender In India

Over the past few decades, the issue of transgender in India has been a big problem in both social, and physical contexts. The transgender in India can also be known as Hijras, Kothi, kinnar, and shiv-Shakti, based on the different regions and communities. The roots of transgender in India go back to thirteen and fourteen...
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