Life In College While Pursuing Graduation

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Life in college is the phase of life that prepares you to face and overcome any type of situation that might occur in your life during college life or after it. College life can be seen as the sea of new life experiences at every moment and every day. It teaches one to be ready for times which looks so predictable at first sight but reaches an unpredictable level the next moment. College life can be seen as a balanced mixture of education and life experiences going hand in hand.

My experience at VIIT has taught me one thing – life can be so predictable and unpredictable at very next moment, it might be boring, it might be interesting and one can never expect what would happen the next day, so “living the present day at full” is what college life teaching me. No one controls you to do thing, I have many friends who encourage me to do something productive with my college life but only few mean it. Life at college taught me how to identify people, how to balance money till the end of the month – so I don’t go bankrupted as the month ends, how to study for exams over a single night and still get our subjects cleared with good grades, how to sit for all lectures over the day.

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Once you get into a college you get the freedom to be yourself i.e. you can do take whatever stream interests you, make new friends, enjoying parties over the night. One day you might be interested in learning programming next day you might be learning something what you didn’t expect – like how to stream on YouTube. Life at college it the time when you decide your careers and you see various different options in front of you which has your interest in it, but the most important thing which college life teaches is ‘Decision making’, what path to choose for your career and what are just your interests are cleared as you move towards the end of graduation.

There are various crazy moments in college life which one might never forget, the friendships you made, the lectures you bunked, the fights you had – where you might have run away, planning a road trip and went on it just the next moment, enjoying the cultural and technical events in college, playing multiplayer games with your friends in lectures, pulling someone’s leg with prank calls.

One day busy with your professional life when you would come across the photos of your college life you would definitely land up smiling and burst in laughter while recalling the hilarious stuff went down in the college hostels you had with your friends, that’s the beauty of college life. It stays with you long after you’ve climbed the ladder of success.


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