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Life nutrition is the fundamental factor that influences health. I always believed that good nutrition can prevent different diseases, reduce their complications, block any progression and even cure them. Understanding our bodies and how they could interact with the food we eat, help us to choose the most balanced diet suitable for our bodies as a balanced diet perfectly improves our health. There is more demand now than ever for people to learn the effects and functions of food due to an increased rise in illnesses that are linked to food, for example, obesity, anorexia, cholesterol, diabetes, malnutrition, and many more as every day we hear about a disaster because of wrong nutrition habits. So being aware of nutrition makes you be able to prevent the problem from occurring instead of looking for help after the health problem is present. 

Food plays many roles outside its most basic function as a source of energy and nutrients for the human body, Food also involved in sports performance, psychological issues, emotional issues, ability to concentrate and making our bodies to be able to resist Infections. I used to be an overweight student either in high school and through university years. By the time I realized that I could not do anything easily as I used to do, I have many problems in breathing, sleeping, walking, interacting with people outside. 

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Being an overweight student affects me psychologically and emotionally but I realized all of that very late. But once I decided to make a change I made it. I determined to achieve my goal, which is losing weight. Before starting my long journey to lose weight I preferred to read and learn more about nutrition learn how to make valuable food choices and know what is suitable for my body and what is not, I learned how to read the labels of different types of food to know the ingredients it contains and calculate calories. Learning about nutrition helped and encouraged me in the right way to start my journey with the right vision and thoughts. 

My journey ended after Six months by losing 30 kilograms, but I am not only lost weight but also learned more and more about food and its benefits and reflection in our health. Good nutrition does not mean losing weight, It means having a healthy lifestyle. Studying pharmacy makes me appreciate how medical science can be applied to help sustain life in general, my ambition is to take that further by developing skills that can help integrate science and the general public, as I have realized the ever-growing importance of nutrition. I am anxious to undertake a master’s program in nutrition science at your esteemed university. 

I believe that I have a sincere motivation for an advanced program in nutrition. I plan to help people by being a community and a researcher as everyone is different so research is needed to know what strategies are better for each type of person. On another hand, I want to apply all that I will learn in this master by teaching what I have learned to orphan children in my country as they do not have basic amenities to live, as volunteering work. In addition to that, I’m seeking to be responsible for planning meals in hospitals for patients especially. ICU patients as right nutrition is an important part of the treatment. I desire to be the best in this field which could be beneficial to humankind, and the university can give me the right bath and more understanding. I can learn more and more knowledge of this field through… university, and looking forward to your acceptance of my application.


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