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In this semester, I read three books-Love in The Time of Cholera, Jane Eyre and Flipped and both Jane Eyre and Flipped are abridged edition. Jane Eyre describes an unconventional, independent and self-reliant women who overcomes both adversity and social norms and it tells me that the best life composed of dignity plus love, both indispensable. Flipped in brief tells the story of two youngsters whose diverse views of their relationship evolve over many years. The girl loved the boy at first, but she gave up due to the indifference of the boy, and when she stopped her courtship, the boy found himself surprisingly falling in love with that girl. Although the two kids are separated in many years by dishonesty and misunderstanding, in the end, the gap between them shrinks and the foundation for an honesty and growing relationship finally has been stablished. This story teaches me that cherish the person who care you most and maybe it’s better to choose the one who deeply love you rather than the one you deeply love.

In terms of Love in The Time of Cholera, which I think is most inspiring book among those three, I highly recommended it. In this book, the author vividly explores the nature of love in all its guises, small and large, passionate and serene. The author wants to express that love can emerge like a cholera in these story characters, but it can last more than the bleak decades of war and cholera and the effects of time itself.

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This story happened in the time of cholera and war. Florentino and Fermina fall in love in their youth, but Fermina moved to another place and then married to a doctor Urbino. Florentino continued to love Fermina throughout the years, and he also continued his own social relationships—engaging in 622 long-term affairs with different women, which he recorded in a series of notebooks, and became president of a riverboat company. After Urbino accidently died, Florentino, now elderly, abruptly ends his affair with fourteen-year-old girl and professes his ‘eternal fidelity and everlasting love’ to Fermina. After having banished him from her home in anger, she sends him a hateful letter. He responds with a sincere apologizing on life and love, which helps her overcome her grief. Gradually, after a letter correspondence, they rekindle their relationship and spend afternoons together in Fermina’s home. Florentino asks Fermina to accompany him on a river voyage, and she accepts. On the voyage, Florentino and Fermina finally make love. As the ship reaches its last port, Fermina sees people she knows and frets that if they see her with Florentino, it will cause scandal. Florentino orders the Captain to raise the yellow flag of cholera, which he does. There remain no passengers on aboard but Fermina, Florentino, the Captain, and his lover. No port will allow them to dock because of the supposed cholera outbreak aboard, and they are forever exiled to cruise the river.

Both cholera and love run through the ages and cholera is an indicator of love in this book. Lovesickness has the same symptoms as cholera. Both of them are poisonous and are disease. They spread rapidly and persistently, but human nature determines that life will not be perfect without that disease, just like antibody production occurs only after that cholera has passed.

From this book, I learn that the secret of long-standing marriages is that the couple has found a partnership that excesses initial attraction and chemistry. Love knows no time and certainly no age. It isn’t the sole property of the young. Love and find you in the most unexpected moments, often when you have stopped looking. Even when you are so close to death, you could see your love at the end of the tunnel.


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