Essays on Love Medicine

Family, Love And Culture In Love Medicine

Love Medicine is a native American novel written by Louise Erdrich. This fiction novel is a tale of the many Chippewa Indians and their struggles living in society. Erdrich helps to construct a picture of what life could have been like to these native Americans. Love Medicine is a great novel that illustrates how someone’s...
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The Theme Of Love In Love Medicine By Louise Erdrich

Love Medicine is the first novel by Louis Erdrich, published in 1984. The novel has the quality of ”Winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award”. The novel Love Medicine is interrelated stories which seem as short fictitious story and each story has narrated by various characters, various locations, various years and sometimes various perspectives....
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Love Medicine: All Mothers Are Working Moms

“Mother love shapes cultures and individuals” (Savage). Mothers, in any culture, play a key role in their child’s life. Mothers are the ones to teach them the way of the world and raise them with love. Love Medicine, written by Louise Erdrich, is several short stories about a Chipewyan family, in North Dakota, who comes...
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