Main Features Of Youtube And How It Used

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I am going to be reviewing is the YouTube website/ app. The purpose for this app is to show advertisements and show videos to people and whatever they want to watch. They always show advertisements before people watch the video they selected to show their product and convince them to use it or to buy it.

They have lay it out so that you can see the different types of categories and the different type of people and what they like watching and even the music and films have categories. On the layout it has a menu bar so you can click on and see different things like the about me page and sign in. there is also a search bar where you can search for things like a type of music, film or you can even search for people and it will give you matching results and things that you wanted.

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On the app/website YouTube has a colour scheme and that colour scheme is white and red. YouTube sticks to this colour scheme throughout the whole way through it. If you use the search bar to search something that you want to watch or listen to then the colour scheme will still be the same (red and white). YouTube has used the same text size and font to make it look professional and make it all look the same. YouTube uses white space to separate a lot of things apart like videos and text so it doesn’t look crowded or crammed together. It lets the audience focus on one thing. There are some z-layouts on this app/website so it helps the audience read from left to right but also focus on the main features. The logo is on the top left and then the title is next to the logo in the middle, then there is a menu bar under the title or next to the title.

YouTube is accessible on your phone and online on the computer or iPad. YouTube allows you to access it on a device but there has to be an internet connection. It can be accessed by any age group from anywhere and people can make accounts to post videos and share things to other people worldwide. You can access this by using a computer with a keyboard and a mouse, a phone, or a laptop. If you were to try and go on YouTube without a mouse or a keyboard then it won’t work so you have to make sure you have all of these things to access it.

YouTube contains sound, videos, images, text and video categories. There is sound on the videos because there has to be sound on the videos otherwise you won’t be able to hear it and there would be no use of the app anymore. It needs text so you will be able to know what the videos are saying (sub-titles) and the names of the videos. The multimedia is very important in a multimedia website. 


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