Essays on Management

Basic Rules Of Effective Performance Management

Much like humans, it’s the fundamental values that define and chisel out a company, consequently, guide every action and behavior. So, it’s crucial to practice these values on an operational basis. This is key to performance management. To grow and get closer to goals, it’s important to seek out and receive constant feedback from colleagues,...
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Future Of Commercial Services: Sales Manager

Introduction Commercial services are what strengthens a nation financially. In our ever-changing world, commercial services play a critical role in any country’s economy. In fact, I doubt if any nation can survive without commercial activities. Commercial services refer to activities that facilitate trade. They are more or less aids-to-trade, such as retailing, warehousing, transportation, marketing,...
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Becoming A Successful HR Manager

Let it be big or small, Human Resources Management have become a part that resembles the highest echelon of significance in any organization, in any industry. Having a goal of maximizing employee performance and their morale to meet the organization’s overall objectives, the role of HR Managers are becoming crucial day by day. Never is...
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SWOT Analysis: Tesco Case

SWOT analysis A business strategy planning technique that helps business organizations to identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats in contrast to its key competitors. So, SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. The key driving forces of SWOT analysis are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats of that business and is often used in the...
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Project Management: The Three Critical Aspects Of Project Context

The Important Aspect of Project Context 1.0 Introduction The following report aims to scrutinize one of the major components of projects and project management i.e. project context. Here it becomes essential to mention that the notion of project context on the on-field projects and as well in academic is not well understood and is often...
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Leadership: Definition And Leader Skills

What kind of people can be defined as “leader”? A talkative man who can attract people’s attention all the time and seems extremely credible, or a meditative person who’s always oblivious of the outside world but just bone up on his work? By the traditional definition, the typical leader is always the first kind of...
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Case Study: Uber Risk Management

The government often modifies or establishes new policies to ensure the economy stable and citizens rights, every company must operate under the government control, and compliance with laws and regulations. Through my investigation, I will use Uber as a case to demonstrate the impacts of this external environment change. Uber has poor risk management within...
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Evaluating Of Strategic Management Importance

Introduction This report will evaluate the strategic management involved in a merger or acquisition which includes change management and the leadership skills required for a successful project. This will also include a detailed project plan which looks at system benchmarking and the payroll / pension expertise options compared to outsourcing or keeping the service in-house....
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Negotiation Process: Face Negotiation Theory

As our level of intimacy with others increases, more information becomes available. If we do not take this step and only rushingly continue to negotiate, the other party will feel that we are being pushy and aggressive. When they feel this way, it is impossible for the negotiation process to go smoothly. To get more...
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Defining The Comparative Historical Analysis

Comparative historical analysis (CHA) has a decade-long history in social science research. Although by the mid-twentieth century, it experienced some periods of decline in researchers’ methodology adoption, it showed a remarkably revival by the late 1970s and early 1980s and proves an important role in today’s social science. Comparative historical analysis is a method of...
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