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Townscape: The Art of City Planning In Italy, Rome

“A city should be built to give its inhabitants security and happiness” (Aristotle). It is only in our mathematical century that the construction and extension of cities has become a purely technical matter.” (LeGates and Stout, 1999). Hellenistic architecture has been around since 323 BC, with a focus on public spaces and temples, designed with...
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Business Plan: An Architectural Firm Rcdesigns Ltd

Executive Summary RCDesigns Ltd is an architectural firm that will be specializing in residential, commercial, and industrial architecture in domestic and international markets that will be based at Ebene in the center of Mauritius. The firm will offer architectural services utilizing innovatively prevalent procedures, giving more noteworthy incentives to customers and upgraded structure and development....
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Necessity of Empathy for Managers: Arguments For and Against

During the twentieth century, the evolution of ideas about managers and managerial work has changed, I will be explaining why I agree with McGrath’s statement in this essay. I will also provide my arguments on how and why management students should be taught empathy. In McGrath’s article, the three eras that she pinpoints are execution,...
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Case Study: Leader-Follower Principle At Sea

The traditional Leader-Follower principle is used in Navies around the world, however with each younger generation requiring more motivation, is there a better way to lead? The following report discusses the challenges of leading a warship consisting of over 190 personnel in a highly challenging, flexible, unforgiving and relentless environment. Life at Sea Sailing the...
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