Mark Zuckerberg: The Greatest Business Leader Of The 21st Century

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America’s favorite boy genius facebook founder born in New York on May 14, 1984. Who knew is going to become the greatest teen business leader, North America has ever seen.A young 22-year-old gentleman started from his Harvard dorm room as a ‘Harvard thing’ ended up connecting 2.2 billion people by the end of 2018 and counting more every day as the internet is reaching in every corner of the earth. He started all of this by developing software called Coursematch He also invented Facemash, which compared the pictures of two students on campus and allowed users to vote on which one was more attractive. The program became wildly popular but was later shut down by the school administration after it was deemed inappropriate. But he didn’t stop along with his roommate he kept working hard and created Facebook. Today Facebook is one of the greatest social media platforms as well as the most profitable company of all time.

2. Leader’s views on Corporate Social Responsibility & Managing Ethics

He has strong views on corporate social responsibility as well as managing ethics. In his last congressional testimony. He understands how important it is for his business to maintain high social responsibility. Facebook is used worldwide by 2,2 billion people and it’s the duty of the company to protect the security and the privacy of those users. He also believes privacy protection must become part of what now called Corporate Social Responsibility.

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When it comes to managing ethics. In one of his tweets, he said: “High character leadership is one of the reasons Facebook will continue to be one of the most successful companies in the world “. According to him protecting to his community is more important than maximizing profit. This show how strong and serious he is about managing ethics

3. Mark Zuckerberg impact Corporate Culture Changing

A decade back many people thought Mark Zuckerberg should be named as Time person of the year. From this statement, we can imagine his impact on cultural change. He has achieved a lot in his young business days. He used different techniques in his office to motivate his staff. He doesn’t believe in a 9-5 job, he wants to make the workplace as a fun place for his staff. The company adds 250 million users in a year making it 600 million in 7 years fastest growth of any company that has been witnessed by mankind. It also used as political tool by its members. Every month they come up with something new on their website as well as the mobile app. It shows how fastly they adapt to the changing culture & wants to stay up to date to entertain the customers of the company.

4. Leader’s Decision Making and Planning Techniques

7. Brilliant management strategies Mark Zuckerberg used to build Facebook.

  • He’s not affixed to his work area.
  • He remains concentrated on the mission.
  • He dispenses with little choices.
  • He acts more than he responds.
  • He needs representatives to address him.
  • He does whatever it takes not to harp on slip-ups.
  • He goes out on a limb.

As per Forbes Magazine, Mark Zuckerberg, the originator of wonder Facebook and one of the most youthful extremely rich person ever share the capacity of extraordinary theoretical aptitudes. Theoretical aptitudes are accordingly said to be one of the urgent of every single administrative ability. Administrators with theoretical abilities can see the association, all in all, to conceptualize about unique and complex situationsâ’ (Robbins, S., Coulter, M. 2005) and to think deliberately. Theoretical aptitudes emerge from others aptitudes that required by a chief as the capacity to utilize data to tackle hierarchical issues, distinguishing proof of chances, actualizing arrangements and choosing basic data from masses of information to coordinate the association in the realm of flooding data. He ought to probably struggle the issue regions and uphold arrangements choosing basic data from masses of information, comprehend the business.

5. Leader’s application of Organizational Restructuring

In 2018 and the 3rd week of May. Facebook did their biggest executive reshuffle in the companies history. They appointed new leaders for Whatsapp, Messanger & facebook’s core app while giving other long-lasting Facebook officials new obligations, including another push to handle blockchain innovation.

They did all of this to improve executive communication & users’ privacy.

Zuckerberg also re-organized the social-giant product and engineering organization that also into three main divisions. They also made a “Family of apps” group run by Chief Product Officer Chris Cox”.

6. Leader’s application of Motivation Techniques

Mark Zuckerberg had a dream to connect millions of people through the internet.

But he is way more than just an innovator. In the book “Becoming Facebook “ written by Mike Hoefflinger (2017). 10 noteworthy choices Facebook made that drove from their heartbreaking stock drop in 2012 to one of the greatest organizations on the planet.

How they did it?

  1. Select for talent, not just experience or determination.
  2. Define outcomes, not steps.
  3. Motivate by focusing on strengths, not fixing weaknesses
  4. Find the right fit, not just the next rung

This is how they came back from bottom to top using these 4 techniques. But how a giant like Facebook motivates there employees. Well, they use simple but smart techniques. Four of them are listed below.

  1. Offers truly meaningful work
  2. Encourage true authenticity.
  3. Encourage use of talents & strengths.
  4. Encourage lifelong learning.

7. Leader’s applications of Team Development

In a book written by Ekaterina Walter Think Like Zuck: The Five Business Secrets Of facebook’s improbably brilliant Mark Zuckerberg (McGraw- Hill Professional, 2013). Walter subtleties the components that drive fruitful, pioneering organizations like Facebook. she centers around Zuckerberg’s methodology of fusing Facebook’s way of life in its contracting works on, enrolling for the correct disposition, and not really the correct abilities.

Some of the key components of Facebook is free food, free dry cleaning, as well as a lot of other enticing benefits. But don’t forget the key attraction is the company’s culture and the vision of its leader. Facebook is one case of such a business. Facebook knows how profitable the perfect individuals are. A lot of times, they hire engineers for their aptitudes and their vision of things to come. When another contract is in the workplace, pondering what his obligations are, his directions will be something along the lines of, ‘Investigate, make sense of what the issues or openings are, and help connect them.’

8. Leader’s communication skills.

What makes a CEO impressive and one of a kind in the world. I think it is his speaking skills. That how does he talks to someone else how he faces the public and the media. Last year during his congressional testimony which ran for 2 days and 10 hours in which he answered 600 questions. He never showed any kind of anger or any kind of hatred towards the judges. He answered everything so calmly and perfectly and always with a smile on his face. Some points to be noticed from his testimony were.

  • Don’t use jokes.
  • Talking about the facts.
  • Share the passion.
  • Stories bring confidence.
  • Talking specifics.

I’m most impressed by the ‘Stories bring confidence’.The way he tackled all the questions and answered them back with confidence.Made me realize how great his speaking skills are he didn’t feel tense during the whole testimony. Neither did he disrespected anyone and answered everything with respect to the public.

9. Leader’s Source of Leadership Power.

We can learn a lot from him. His communication skills, managing skills, team skills, organizing skills. But now we gonna read about 5 things which make his the greatest of all time.

  • Passion.

The best business people share a similar attribute: They are enthusiastic about what they do. He always had a dream to connect millions of people on one platform.

  • Purpose.

Facebook isn’t just another site where people connect with each other. It’s a place to unite individuals and build networks, and an instrument for sharing data.

  • People.

The most creative organizations permit their workers the opportunity to build up their interests and to go out on a limb. Facebook has a meeting procedure that just chooses workers who are an ideal choice for the organization’s way of life. When they are in, they partake in escalated preparing that shows them the ‘programmer way’ of quick, inventive coding that Zuckerberg prizes. They also believe in getting the right people on board and the wrong people off the bus. And where possible hire for attitude, not skills. Skills can be taught, passion can’t.

  • Product.

Facebook is really innovative when it comes to products. They release a new feature every month on the Facebook app as well as the Facebook messenger. sometimes users take time to get used to new features. For eg: when the News Feed was introduced it was initially disliked by users (mostly for privacy reasons), yet the feature fuelled massive expansion and set Facebook apart from other social media sites.

  • Partnership.

No business can run a company all by themselves. Social media is a world full of competitors. Where a new site is released very frequently. In previous years Facebook bought Whatsapp and Instagram. Some of the biggest communication platforms. The right partnership of imagination and execution is at the heart of a successful company.

10. Facebook Friend or Fan or Foe? You Decide

More than 2 billion people use Facebook every day from all over the world. Facebook never discriminates between its users for facebook everyone is human. Facebook was the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg but it ended up being the greatest of all time. It helps us connect with each other. But is Facebook really our friend? Facebook’s core service is completely free and supported by advertising revenue. So its accessible to everyone, that’s what makes it easy to use. But in recent years, It has come to the knowledge of the public, Facebook is involved in fraudulent activities. It has breached the trust of its users and has paid heavily for it. But, it’s still really hard to say that is Facebook actually helping us or just collecting our data and selling it to security services?

11. Conclusion.

What makes him the greatest business leader of the 21st century. Is it his communication skills or his ideas or the product he invented or the way he turned facebook into most profitable company of all time? He used simple techniques from recruiting to motivating his employees. He behaves likes a friend with his employees instead of a boss. He wears hoodies as well as sneakers to his workplace which also makes him the coolest CEO of the decade or all the time. He believes in good communication skills as well as diversity in his work. He doesn’t believe in dominating the lower level of his management. One of the key points of Facebook is ‘Innovation’.


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