Essays on Marketing

Marketing remains one of the most popular essay topics among British college students. As a rule, an essay on marketing these days may deal with SMM and explore social media platforms and influencers. Some other examples are related to digital marketing and the ways how logistics and advertisements aspects function. ... Regarding structure, it must be made clear right from the start about what your marketing essay researches. For example, if you want to focus on marketing methods in rural areas in Wales, it must be reflected in your introduction. See our free marketing essay sample to get inspired and learn the basics about how such essays must be structured to meet the highest academic writing standards in the UK.

Research Design Histories

Essay question: Deconstructivism is a design tendency that emerged as a branch of postmodernism in design. Analyse the characteristics and affects of deconstruction through TWO cultural artefacts from TWO different design fields. For example, a building and a garment. What is a cultural artefact? A Cultural artefact is a modern or an ancient object that...
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Research Design: The Benefits Of Implementing Six Sigma Methodologies In Construction Industries

What are the perceived benefits of implementing six sigma methodologies in construction industries? Describe an appropriate Research Design for your research topic/question. You should try and describe it in terms of the strategies presented in lectures. If you are using quantitative data, such a property database, describe the framework that will guide how you might...
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Assess Liabilities: Trademark

Research Paper Outline The entertainment industry is a group of sub-industries that strives to ‘entertain’ the consumers, which includes the fields of film, theater, dance, opera, music, television, radio, publishing, and fine arts. Therefore, because this industry embodies both business and economical scrutiny, it is apparent that all areas of law is involved including: trade...
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The Doctrine Of Exhaustion Of Trade Marks In Cambodia

The exhaustion of trademark means that the trademark owner’s intellectual property rights can’t control the distribution or resale of goods (WebFinance Inc, 2018). Cambodia is also a country which export and import many categories of products. The product that we have export are such as rice, beans, corns, clothes, and shoes. The product that we...
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Research Instrument Design

Introduction Oscar Francois Limited was established by Mr. Oscar Francois and two other partners in 1967. During this period there were not many competitors in the pharmaceutical industry, so he was able to expand his business by being a distributor of veterinary medicines. He later bought a manufacturing company Intersol Limited which made aerosol products...
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Assignment Of Legal Aspects Of Business On Intellectual Property Rights

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Amity University; this report would not have been accomplished without their guidance. My sincerest gratitude goes to Ms. Jyoti Bharat Rangari, and who guided me with their dedicated attention, expertise and knowledge throughout the process of this report. I thank her for valuable guidance, her commitment,...
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Advertisement Analysis: Uniqlo

 The purpose of an advertisement is to introduce a new idea, service, or product to potential customers through different channels or patterns. This advertisement is named “Science of LifeWear”; it was first launched in the US in August 2016. Through this advertisement, Uniqlo ignites a dialogue on human attitudes toward clothing. By observing how people...
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Heinz Tomato Ketchup Advertisement Analysis

Introduction The H. J. Heinz Company, also called Heinz is an American food processing company. Initially, the company was established by Henry John Heinz in 1869. Today, Heinz makes a huge number of items in plants. Their products vary from vinegar, BBQ sauce, baby’s food, mayonnaise, mustard, etc. These items are marketed in excess for...
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Service Marketing: Analysis Of Pinkoi Experience

Introduction This paper aims to analyze how the e-commerce platform Pinkoi set out to differentiate itself from competitors by developing a superior service experience and creating business culture, therefore enabling it to become the leading independent designer platform in Asia. Two models will be adopted— service blueprinting and cultural web. The case will demonstrate first...
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Customer Service In Pillars Restaurant

In this reflective portfolio, I am going to talk about my journey through the pillars restaurant and the skills I demonstrated to show the customers an excellent customer service, and a good experience within the Pillars restaurant. I will be talking about the customer journey from the customer entering the restaurant and for when they...
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