Marketing Research of Economy Cars In Mauritius

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The marketing for economy cars in Mauritius is an important aspect. Economy cars are small, lightweight and inexpensive to buy. As there is an ageing population in Mauritius, thus many retired people normally opt for buying a small car in order to be more comfortable and be less stressed while driving. Moreover, as it is not expensive, people with low income can afford to buy such a car. There are several steps to follow for the marketing research of a product. It applies also for economy cars.

The first step is to define the problem and research objectives. The problem in this case refers to the level of customer satisfaction for economy cars. As a marketer, I should carefully analyse the problem and define it. This will help to avoid cost and delay of doing advertising research in the near future. The problem definition will include information like what customers wants. This will depend on the segment that is being targeted. If the company has aimed a segment with high income earners, those customers will less likely want to buy an economy car. They will opt for luxury cars. Also, if the target customers are mostly youngsters, they will also less likely want to buy an economy car. They will prefer sports car. It is important to know which group of buyers to aim for the economy cars.

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The second step involves the development of the research plan through collection of data. In this step, marketers will collect data that are necessarily and relevant according to the problem. The data collected must be efficient as the plan made will be based on those information. The date must include customers’ expectations about the economy car such as; whether the car is economical, less fuel consumption, cheaper, comfortable and engine performance. By referring to these information, a proper plan can be made in accordance with the economy cars available in Mauritius. This plan will be presented to the marketing management to ensure that proper market research was done.

The third step refers to implementing the research plan. After acknowledging what information the researcher need, he can start collecting and analysing the data. He can gather primary or secondary data or both. Primary research refers to the collecting of data that are up-to-date and remain confidential to the business. By collecting this type of data, the probability of achieving customers’ satisfaction is greater. This data can be obtained through survey research whereby questions such as their car preferences, level of income and opinion about economy cars are asked to a group of individuals. However, this can be time consuming.

Secondary research involves collecting data that is already available on internet or publications. It is an easy way to have access on the information needed. The researcher can get information about people’s point of view on economy cars in different countries, how preferences vary between different age groups or level of income. This may help the research to make an approximation for the level of customer satisfaction for economy cars in Mauritius. Moreover, he can compare past records of the firm such as sales records, sales trends and customer feedback. However, secondary data may be outdated and thus may not satisfy the exact need of the research.

The last step refers to the interpretation and reporting of the findings. The data collected are analysed and interpreted to understand whether the market for economy car has satisfy the needs of customers. There are many ways to interpreted the data. The researcher can use tables to interpreted market sales over different periods; pie charts can be used to classify different categories of customers and cars; and line graphs can be used to analysed fluctuations in the taste of customers.

In order to solve the problem, the marketer must follow these steps and develop a proper plan

in order to avoid wastage of resources and ensure that the market for economy cars is efficient and profitable in Mauritius. 


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