Maslow Theory, McGregor Theory And Herzberg Theory

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Maslow is the hierarchy needs of motivation, this motivation theory was discovered by Abraham Maslow as he believe this human motivation will help organisations to be organised. The hierarchy pyramid is broken down to five sectors right at the bottom will be the basic needs which are physiological needs which will consist of food, clothing and essential needs, at this sector the business will make sure employees are in the correct position. Above that sector will be safety needs which are equipment’s, procedures and policies, at this sector the business will make sure that CCTV and security are placed in the workforce. The third sector will be the social needs which are effective teams that will be supporting each other, at this sector the motivation of employees needs to collaborate with team members for support. The forth sector is esteem needs when they feel accomplished this can be based on recognition, promotion and rewards that the business will credit them for the hard work they provided for the business. The last sector is based on self-actualisation which is full potential and development as they are top of the charts, in other words the hierarchy structure this will be the lifetime goal of individuals that work in that business. 

McGregor: Douglas McGregor believes there are two ways of managing employees which is theory X and theory Y. The theory X is for those who are lazy and not up for the job as they lack of motivation as they are not using their full potential as they want to avoid work, according to Douglas McGregor they need to be punished as they are not using their full potential of working also they do not want to take any responsibilities, and they do not like to be told want to do as they follow their own rules. The theory Y loves to utilise their creativity, naturally have the potential of working, the employees have an ambition that drives them to achieve something also they are aware of responsibilities and loves to accept challenges. 

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Herzberg: Similar to Maslow, however the difference is that Herzberg only has two factors which are hygiene factors and motivation factors. Herzberg was established by Frederick Herzberg as he believed once the hygiene factors are met than it is all based on the employee’s performance as it all depends on motivation. The employees will be focused as they are full of motivation also the will take responsibilities of tasks according to Frederick Helzberg. Frederick Herzberg believes that once hygiene factors are achieved than the motivation factors will be achieved, the motivation theories consist of encourage one and another despite working individually or teams, employees needs to come with the right mind set with motivation as the aim is to accomplish something. 

McDonalds reward system: Rewards system are setup to motivate employees also to reward them for the appreciation towards the organisation. McDonalds currently use the reward system as free meals, discount on high end retailers, holiday pay, pension scheme and performance rate. Full time workers- receive holidays of 28 days throughout the whole year which includes a holiday pay. Discount on huge retailer- McDonalds offer discount on huge retailers on the high street. Pension scheme- After making a certain amount McDonalds allow the employees to have pension scheme that allows them to have savings when they retire. Performance rate- McDonalds will work closely to review the employee’s performance by monitoring them. If the performance are impressive McDonalds will increase the pay for the individual. Free meals- McDonalds offers free meals to the employees after every shift.


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