Essays on Medieval Europe

Commentary On Gentilli: Brigands Do Not Wage War

Piracy, from the beginning of the time, has been a controversial subject historian considered regarding whether the law should be applied to pirates in case of capture, treatment and punishment. Gentilli highlights on areas of ethics, directly and indirectly, to argue if pirates are selfish sea bandits or if they are rebels who did not...
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Scientific Revolution: a Major Turning Point In European History

The Scientific Revolution was a major turning point in European history and set the tone for how things in the society we live in today are still done. The scientific revolution began with Nicolaus Copernicus’ theory along with the rediscovery of ancient Greek atomism in the early fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The seventeenth century is...
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The Impact Of Scientific Revolution

The scientific revolution had a very large impact on the advancement of the way people thought about things and the way they examined and viewed the world. Without the scientific revolution we may not have been able to experiment and observe the world the way we do now; instead, blindly trusting in opinions and traditional...
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Queen Elizabeth Versus Spanish Armada

16th century England was once dominated by tyrannical rulers, and its subjects longed for a just ruler to guide their country in a positive direction. Unfortunately, it seemed as though England could not escape these oppressive monarchs. King Henry VIII was one such ruler. He is most famous for the way he bent the rules...
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Music In Middle Ages

In the beginning of the Middle Ages (c. 450) in Western Europe, music began in a monophonic texture and mostly liturgical in nature. It contained only the Latin language and was not distributed to outside communities. The pitch range was narrow and Medieval style vocals were detached from emotion. Music was used in a religious...
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Scientific Revolution: The Ground-shaking Discoveries Of Anton Van Leeuwenhoek

The Ground-Shaking Discoveries of Anton von Leeuwenhoek Abstract This dissertation explains the importance of the microscope, as long as Anton von Leeuwenhoek, a self-taught scientist, who will bring major impact with his studies. The topic was chosen as relevant to scientific revolution. This dissertation evaluates the technological advancement of Leeuwenhoek, a prodigy to science. A...
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Middle Ages: Crimes And Punishments

What sorts of crimes were common in the middle ages? During the medieval times, crimes were often committed due to the horrible hierarchy system; nearly 90% of all crimes were either theft, murder or assault. Crimes were easily committed as you can be pulled up for anything such as not working hard enough or even...
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Spanish And English Rivalry

Spain and England would be considered to be major powers at the time, they would focus on the notion of expansion and exploration into the Americas that would significantly benefit them in resources for their economy and also power. Another reason for expansion was to expand religion throughout the world and to grow their beliefs...
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Louis XIV As The Most Absolute Monarch

“An absolute monarchy is a type of government in which the monarch rules with an absolute control, with no limitation from any law or type of constitution (Totally history, 2013)”.  Born on September 5, 1638, Louis XIV was destined to become the next ruler of France, he assumed power in May 14, 1643, when he...
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