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As I am stepping down the podium in my academicals with a folder with McCombs School of Business inscribed on it, I started to reflect on my McCombs MBA journey and all the memories I have made at the school.

By choosing McCombs for my MBA, I took a huge step towards my career interest of establishing an enterprise to enable the end mile delivery system in the ruler and semi-urban India by providing digital transformation at the affordable cost. I have built a solid network with varied skillset during my MBA by studying in a cohort setting with the core team to solve various business challenges and taking part in various activities. Before I embark on my long-term career interest, I wanted to learn the intricacies of the technology industry in the supply chain management domain. McCombs career service team helped me to land my dream job as a Supply Chain Management Consultant at Dell EMC at Austin. This would give me the opportunity to a combine my experience in technology and project management with my passion of solving the end mile delivery problem by learning how a technology industry manages the operations of its products with the help of advanced technologies.

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My prior career experience as a Business Finance Analyst and Cloud Optimization Lead helped me solidify the project management, financial and technical skills essential for achieving my goals. However, starting and establishing an organization required me to acquire skill sets to incorporate the finest management practices. I could not have thought of a suitable form to be exposed to those methods than through McCombs’s unique cohort methodology. Studying with my peers from diverse background facilitated me to learn from their experiences both inside and outside of the classrooms. Discussing my idea with them helped to shape my vision in a better way. Business Analytics and Decision Modelling course helped me to understand the importance of data in decision making. In-depth case analysis as part of the Supply Chain Analytics course enabled me to develop strategic thinking and acquire the knowledge of analytical tools so that I can effectively manage the high-technology business. Moreover, micro-consulting projects of MBA+ Leadership program I developed a multidisciplinary perspective to solve complex real-world business problems.

My journey in McCombs is incomplete without my life outside the classroom. Austin became my second home. Not only Austin has a diverse culture requires for MBA student to experience outside the classroom but also the technology industry and business are thriving in the city. Additionally, as President of Supply Chain Management Student organization, I organized various career treks and speaker series which allowed me to network with industry leaders. Our trip as part of Mccombs Global Connection gave us the chance to get to know various culture across the country especially giving me the opportunity to introduce Indian culture to everyone.

McCombs MBA not only helped me to envision a path for my goals but gave me a life-changing experience.        


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