Men Suspected To Be A Jack The Ripper

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The initial name used to refer to Jack The Ripper was Leather Apron. A great deal of attention surrounded the killers actions and brought a such torment, fear and unrest to the people of England. A slue of letters claiming to be the Ripper were a focal point for the investigation. Walter Sickert’s saliva was tested years later after forensics had evolved and proved to be a close match to that on the stamp from a letter involved, however, evidence points to him being more likely as a person who had motive of being involved in the drama, but wasn’t responsible for the deaths.

The suspect that should seriously investigated is the author who wrote the articles about Jack The Ripper in The Star newspaper. It would seems the writer of these articles had a deep knowledge of the Ripper including his motives. The author of the articles praised the Ripper and even predicted his action the day before it happened. The likelihood that this man had a deeper knowledge of the Ripper is very high. It could even be asked, but not concluded that the entire murder could have had a political agenda at its core and was planned by more then one man, of which the author of the Star articles had the insight to.

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The second suspect that should be closely considered is one of the higher-ranking police or possibly even one of the lower-ranking constables. The witness’s reluctance to disclose the identity of who was taken into custody but later released is curious. There may have been some more meaningful controversy around the identity of that man. It was theorized in the documentary (Jones, Richard/ Ubsdell, Mark., The Official Unmasking, Jack The Ripper Documentary) that the reluctance to disclose the one who was taken into custody was due to the witnesses feeling sorry for his potential sentence to death, but the question that should be asked is why would anyone have empathy for a cold blooded murder. A more realistic theory would be that the identity of the man was of great controversy, perhaps an officer on the inside. This would also explain how when they closed in on the areas of the crimes the murderer still went un-noticed and this would explain why the methods that the police used failed to catch the Ripper.

To conclude who Jack The Ripper was or to decipher if there was more than one murderer involved, and the motives would take more evidence or informants disclosing accurate information than what is currently available. The evidence that exists points to the possibility of the ones who are not really considered suspects in common places, and this may be exactly why his identity was never revealed.


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