Essays on Mental Health

Mental Health Therapist

Millions of Americans are victims to mental health issues which is an abundance of problems that people have to deal with. Fortunately, there appears to be therapist that help people deal with their problems and teach them how to control their emotions while facing the issue. Mental health therapist assist people in solving their problems,...
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Major Depressive Disorder: Struggling With Depression

Running head: Major Depressive Disorder Struggling with depression Not all people believe that psychological issues exist and if they do, they don’t fully understand that it is a serious issue that should be delicately dealt with. Taking as an example depression or major depressive disorder, which is one of the most common and serious mental...
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Dyslexia: Learning Difficulties And Risk Factors

Dyslexia affects a child’s ability to pronounce, write and spell words. Reading consists of many interconnecting elements; people are expected to connect symbols to sounds, join the sounds together to create words, interpret the words and combine them into sentences that are intelligible. Individuals with dyslexia have difficulties connecting symbols to sounds which affects all...
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Mass Hysteria: Dancing Plague

In 1518 in France, hundreds of people danced wildly nonstop for days on end; many succumbed to the extreme exhaustion or strokes that resulted from this “dancing plague.” In 1962 in Tanganyika (an East African country now known as Tanzania), a bunch of students in a girls’ boarding school began to laugh and cry uncontrollably...
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ADHD: News Article Critique

Here for this essay, I took an article from CBC news. Actually, in 2019, In CBC news, there is news about ADHD which is mental disorder. Here, in this news researchers gave the story of a person Yashan Ali that how he does his tasks. How he often forgot the towel to put out back...
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Dyslexia: What Is It And Can It Be Cured

I. What is dyslexia? and can it be cured? Most definitions of dyslexia include the evaluation of an error between the inability to read and a low IQ level. These inconsistent definitions carry the verifiable suspicion that the perusing challenges of the dyslexic stem from issues that diverse from those characterizing the destitute pursuer without...
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My Role In Helping Mental Illness Sufferers

Mental illness is a condition which causes serious disorder in behaviour or thinking, in other words it is your level of psychological well-being which affects how you think, feel and act. For example, depression is a mood disorder causing you to feel extremely sad or lose interest in everyday activities, and schizophrenia is a condition...
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Mental Illness As A Social Issue

 Mental illness has been a social issue for a long time, the term “mental illness” is used to describe as unlike than a brain disease. As Szasz (1960) said it is made by showing an uncommon in behaviour of some norms. It is regarded as exactly no other from any other diseases. The only distinct...
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ADHD: Etiology, Diagnosis, Symptoms, And Associated Consequences

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common early childhood behavioural disorders as 5% of the children or more have this disorder. It is also known as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), which is an outdated term. It is an early onset disorder as it is usually obvious at a very young age...
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Dissociative Identity Disorder: Case Report

In Europe, early cases only showed ‘bipolar disorders’, with mostly just 2 personalities. For example, case of Mary Reynolds, Estelle, Skae. Their personalities varied only between two extremes. Azam, in the 1870s, observed Felida for 32 years, who had convulsions and was hysterical. He denied the existence of a dual personality, and instead focused on...
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