Mission Statement And Objectives Of Nestle

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Mission Statement of Nestle:

“Nestle is world’s leading company in nutrition, health, and wellness. Nestle’s mission of “Good Food, Good Life” is to provide consumers with the best testing, most nutritious choices in a wide range of food and beverage categories and eating occasions, from morning to night.”

The Nestlé Company Background:

Journey of Nestle:

Nestle company had started from a single person’s idea, and now it developed into a giant corporation. In 1866 a pharmacist named Henri Nestle developed a milk food formula for infants who were unable to tolerate their mother milk. Nestle was established in 1866 by the first European Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company. Nestle’s history started in Switzerland in 1867 when the pharmacist Henri Nestle introduced his product Nestle, a children’s nutritious gruel. His product became successful and it created a demand throughout the Europe. The company’s founder used the name Nestle, meaning ‘little nest’ in both the company’s name and the logo. The nest, symbolizing safety, family and nutrition, still plays a key position in Nestle’s profile. In 1975 Henri Nestle sells to three local entrepreneurs his business and factory. To assist to grow manufacturing and sales, they hire chemists and qualified employees. In 1978 vicious rivalry between Nestle and Anglo-Swiss develops when both businesses begin selling opponent versions of the original goods of the other. As Nestle’s popularity grew more, other companies wanted to merge and become partners with Henri Nestle’s company. Anglo-Swiss sells its activities in the U.S in 1902 and then fix up a possible merge with Nestle. Nestle’s success with product innovations and business acquisitions has transformed it into the world’s biggest food company since it started over 152 years ago. The Nestle family has grown to include chocolates, coffee, cereals, soups, frozen goods, yogurts, mineral water and other food items as the years have passed.

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Nestlé Bangladesh Limited:

In 1994, Nestle Bangladesh Limited began their first business manufacturing in Bangladesh. Its total authorized capital was Tk. 1.5 billion and the full capital distributed 1.1 billion. The company’s only plant in Bangladesh is in sreepur.


Marketing objectives or goals are consistent with Nestle’s general corporate objectives. The company’s objectives is to be the biggest and best branded food manufacturer in the world while ensuring that the name of the Nestle is identical with the best and highest quality of product.

Nestle’s objectives are:

  • Evaluate the expenditure and advantages of its operations for company.
  • Building mutual faith or belief with company partners, and consumers.
  • Environmental performance to assure continuous development.
  • Natural resource protection and waste minimization.
  • To settled the standard for excellent business practice in company.
  • Utilizing and processing new technology.
  • Creating long term value with customers.

Strategies of Nestle:

  • Building mutual faith or belief with company partners, and consumers:

Creating mutual faith is essential to how Nestle do business. Nestle think that long term achievement of business will only be obtained by developed value for both society and company partners. Business opportunities and beneficial social effect strengthen each other. Products of Nestles must provide the consumers balanced nutritional advantage.

  • Environmental performance to assure continuous development:

Continuous developments of the environmental work of the company improve their operations, goods, and services. Nestle obstruct pollution through Environmental Management System and maintain international standard. Standardized valuation and development of environmental influence in renew products and innovation new design in product. Packaging ingredient and other products and services obey to Nestle supplier code and determine continuous development in their environmental performance.

  • Natural resource protection and waste minimization:

Approximately one-third of foodstuff for human utilization is wasted. Wastes are caused by manufacturing, processing, packaging, storage and usage problem. Nestle working on reducing amount of waste along their value chain. Nestle makes the date labels clear and understandable to customers for decreasing the consumption of food waste. Nestle is one of the biggest consumers farms and natural raw materials. Nestle acknowledges long term achievement of the company depends on products and services which supplied by natural sources. To protect natural sources ensuring the environment is covered appropriate training and workshops to increase consciousness to company’s staff, company partners, distributors and the community. Uses of Natural resources commit undoubtedly to the loss of environmental sources.

  • Utilizing and processing new technology:

Rapid innovation of product and marketing of new product are important aspect of business growth. Nestle invest in new technology for product development and change customer expectation through new product. By technologies improve current brand and activities.

  • Creating long term value with customers:

Increasing development through modernization, standardization of company become significant to customers. Nestle company become recognize to all by providing healthiest food all time and also offer affordable price of products with proper nutrition. Also try to develop products all time for customers.


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