Essays on Morality

Morality Of Hypocrisy & Sincerity

At the heels of the satirical Victorian morality delineated through Wilde’s play, The Importance of Being Earnest, a judiciously executed perception directed at society is apparent. To study a text 120 years on, what’s the point? At the time Oscar Wilde’s satirical view and the way which he composed his judgments on the Victorian society...
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Law Can Be Understood Without Reference To Morality

Whether or not morality impacts the law has been a long-standing debate between many theorists. This essay will begin by discussing the theories that believe morality has no place within the law such as positivism, as they believe the law is man-made by humans and those in power, it is not considered as law if...
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Morality: Ethics, Duties, And Moral Obligations

Ethics, duties, and moral obligations are most often seen as other regarding. We are commanded to respect other beings, animate, and inanimate objects. However, is the moral law solely applicable to others, or does it also apply to the being him/herself? According to Immanuel Kant, moral obligations to the self “take first rank and are...
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Morality Does Not Require Vegetarianism

There has been a great debate about the relationship between vegetarianism and morality. While the arguments against eating meat are quite convincing, there were only a few researches to justify the morality of consuming animal product. However, I believe that morality does not require vegetarianism since it is not the only choice to live life...
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The Use Of Law As Morality

As we prepare to take a look at the relationship between law and morality, it was good to review some material found in the early part of the textbook, Contemporary Criminal Law. The review prepares a basis for understanding what law is, which first of all means we have to understand what defines a crime....
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